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Warning: The following article was written with careful listening i bts. And with headphonesbecause it is so, according to the writer Claire Valerio in his magnificent speech at the funeral Michelle Murgiathat the Sardinian writer listened to them. Yesterday, Michela Murgia was greeted at the Chiesa degli Artisti in bright colors. rainbow. Above all alto, which is the symbolic color of the Korean group (because it is the seventh color of the rainbow and the seventh color of the group members). Last year in Seoul, it was celebrated with purple lights. June 14 decade of their activity.

Who are Bts, Michela Murgia’s favorite band, as Chiara Valerio recalls

One more warning: the article you are reading is written “boomerswhich, in theory, targets other “boomers” like him. A must-have package for any fans who are already bored reading these lines and who know the life and wonders of Bts.

OUR btsor Bangtan Boyspersonify and remain the main ambassadors of the genre that has long made the world dance and responds to the name K-pop. The components, as already mentioned, are seven, and they have direct and effective names, like the music they offer: J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jung Kook, RM, Suga and V.

Last album in release order, compilation “proof“, He was born in 2022, the year the group officially went on standby to carry out their military duties. The meeting is scheduled for 2025.

BTS has built an empire and broken all records. Italian fans cheer for Michela Murgia

Clearly appealing to their generation, showcasing engaging rhythms, boon for the world record scene, churning out chain hits led Bts to impressive earnings. Even during the Covid period and despite the cancellation of the 2021 tour, already rescheduled a year earlier. Success also in the extremely difficult North American market. Generally 16 released albums.

Demigods of the house, among the thousands of prizes and awards received, there is even one that breathed new life into the relationship between South Korea They United States. No wonder they were guests on May 31, 2022 White House reason with Biden around the problem of violence and racism against Asian peoples.

What I understand about fragility with BTS– this is the name of a beautiful article written by Michelle Murgia For “Fast“. Words of pride, respect and respect, starting with someone else’s video with a Korean group as the protagonist: V falls on the red carpet and Jin imitates him as a sign of sympathy. In those days, Murgia was under cross-political attack for his televised idea ofemergency.

Michele Murgia, Italian fan of Bts (Italian army family), and many other enthusiasts, on their own initiative, devoted warm thoughts to the writer. Writer in headphones.

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