Who are the 5 most hated and hated characters from TV series

Have you ever noticed? More or less every TV series has a disagreeable character among its protagonists: sometimes it is the protagonist himself, other times one of the secondary characters, very often one of the main characters. Because these are definitely disagreeable characters, but who nevertheless somehow represent the backbone of the series. Up to the point that one suspects that it is a well-tested mechanism, something that goes far beyond the “classic” topos of antagonism. Skyler White Inn breaking bad and in Joffrey Baratheon game of thrones They are classic examples of the genre, just to understand each other: if you don’t know who they are – at least one of the two – a brief review is recommended. For my part, I’ve picked five, trying to avoid excessive spoilers as always, but the list is obviously open to improvement and suggestions. Read at your own risk.

Joe Goldberg- You
a symbolic matter. Joe Goldberg is not only the protagonist of the series, but he also takes on a job that doesn’t normally inspire great sympathy: the killer, moreover with an obvious propensity for female victims. His well-groomed beard and that slightly skinny look, nor his attractiveness, which we constantly have to hear about, his physical appearance does not speak in his favor. But what really makes him unbearable is that he always gets away with it, despite the increasing circumstances he finds himself embroiled in as the plot progresses. Will he be successful till the end? We’ll have to wait for the fifth (and final) season, confirmed by Netflix in March this year, to find out. I sure hope not.

Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes
What could be worse than a beautiful and suffering Englishwoman with superior intelligence and very obvious ego management problems? Well, the excellent Benedict Cumberbatch manages to make today’s sunken Sherlock Holmes believable too, turning him to the point of making him his inseparable companion and companion Watson. Sure, Cumberbatch is a character with many fragilities, a veteran who drags around pain and ghosts behind him, and maybe even a little tenderness sometimes gives us away. But the truth is, he’s a terrifying, infallible knower.

Elizabeth Armon – chess queen
Speaking of connoisseurs: I hate the character played by Anya Taylor-Joy so much, that every time I happen to cross her in a movie or other series, I can’t help but look at the chessboard. imagine sitting in front of And you can imagine what happens to the chessboard. Here, too, on paper Beth would have many reasons to be loved or admired: alone in a male-dominated world, further disadvantaged by her status as an orphan, aided only by the extraordinary qualities of her intelligence and her all-too-good standing. Relying on the ability to be -established peers. In short, a character who was not born to be disgusting, but who became so thanks to the crazy face and the extraordinary interpretation of the Anglo-American actress.

Chester Campbell- peaky blinders
as Inspector Campbell, opposite Elizabeth Armon peaky blinders Born to Be Hateful: After all, it’s impossible not to instantly hate Churchill’s haughty emissaries, the classic merciless, if not fall in love with the Shelby family—despite the considerable dose of wickedness and violence that runs through it. Cop but obviously we’ll be honest. here, as in the case Queen More than that, credit goes to the impressive interpretation of Sam Neill, who worked extensively on building the character, paying attention to the smallest details: among other things, Neill is said to have chosen Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt to outline the character’s accent, arranging a private session with each of the two actors (both were born, like the Inspector, in Northern Ireland).

Artist (Special Award) – SuccessorNo
Here the prize can only be shared. I challenge you to find a non-disgusting character within the Roy family: from the ruthless patriarch Logan, to the victimized “heir” Kendall, to the hideous snobbery of the very spoiled Roman (Brother of Macaulay Culkin: same nice face), to his daughter Siobhan until innocent stepmother Marcia (named Shagun). And even with the family leaving, the situation doesn’t seem to be improving, to the consternation of upstarts of various shapes and sizes, from cousin Greg Egg to Tom the rampant idiot. Never in this case have I failed to feel even the slightest sympathy for the heroes, even the minor ones. The truth is that characters succession They are so disgusting, but so much so, that you sometimes doubt the reliability of the general picture: can the world be so disgusting and incredibly exciting at the same time? Sure, it’s hard to find such a perfect mix of playable characters and well-thought-out screenplay. And perhaps that is why the HBO series is the most talked about at the moment.

In the picture above: ANya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon in ‘The Chess Queen,’ photo by Phil Bray/Netflix, 2020

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