Who Are the Characters of the Second Season of ‘Luis Miguel, The Series’ in Real Life

Diego Boneta plays Luis Miguel in "Luis Miguel La Serie"

The second season of Luis Miguel premiered last Sunday and this made the singer’s fans again speculate about the reality and fiction that is in the Netflix production.

And it is that not all the characters that appear have their real names. So if they ask you who is who, here is a list of the key people you should know.

1. Sergio Basteri

The younger brother of the Sun appeared in the first episodes and you can see the beginnings of his failed singing careerUnlike other characters, he has his real name in fiction.

2. Mauricio Ambrosi

This character seems to take the side of the villains in the new installment of the series,  he will try to take the place of Hugo López after his death. In an interview that El Universal gave to the medium a few months ago, the actor  Pablo Cruz assured that it is a mixture of three or four people from real life, who approached the singer with certain intentions. Some believe that Robles’ character could have a bit to do with Mauricio Abaroa.

4. José Pérez

Luis Miguel’s assistant, like Patricio Robles, is part of the group of characters created from reality and a bit of fiction. In an interview that the actor Juan Ignacio Cane gave, he assured that there was a “José Pérez” in the singer’s life, however, the one he interprets was created from a mixture of several “opportunistic” people.

5. Lucia Miranda


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Hugo López’s wife and the later widow are also shown by her real name in fiction. In real life, Miranda has given several interviews about the singer’s relationship with her late husband and even recounted on one occasion how El Sol found out that Hugo was ill. So far, in fiction, it has not been mentioned that Hugo will die, something that goes according to the story that Lucía gave to Teleshow, where she assured that the Argentine did not tell anyone.


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