Who Are the Children of Ricardo Arjona?

Ricardo Arjona

We have already told you about Adria, his talented and beautiful daughter, but do you know the other children of the singer?

Ricardo Arjona is not used to talking about his personal life, however, on more than one occasion he has used his social networks to share beautiful snapshots with his family. The Guatemalan has always assured us that his greatest achievement is his precious children and if you have ever wondered who Arjona’s heirs are, we are going to leave you some details so that you know them.

Ricardo Arjona has three children, Adria, Ricardo, and Nicolás, each of them always showed interest in the artistic medium, however, it seems that until now only the oldest of them has chosen to follow in the footsteps of his famous father. The truth is that he is proud of each one and always supports the decisions they make. Get to know the singer’s children a little more.


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His eldest daughter was the result of his first marriage to Leslie Torres. She is currently 27 years old and the most famous of her siblings, choosing a career in the world of acting. The young woman is succeeding in Hollywood and has been in movies and series such as  Person of Interest and  Unforgettable. On the other hand, she is also a great model because through her social networks she shares beautiful photographs of her spectacular figure.

2. Ricardo Jr.

He is followed by the 25-year-old boy who was also the fruit of his marriage to Leslie. He lives in Miami and works hand in hand with his dad, as he carries out marketing and product sales on his tours. He studied business administration so he knows very well how to function in business, he is also in charge of the talent agency “Sophisticated Minds”. On the other hand, he is also an influencer because on his Instagram account he boasts of having more than 106 thousand followers.

3. Nicolas

Finally, there is the little 10-year-old, whom he had with the Venezuelan model  Deisy Arvelo. Being the youngest, he is the darling of the family and it seems that he inherited the passion for music from his famous father because on Instagram Arjona has shown clips of the little artist. Although it is too early to say that Nicolás could be the next singer in the family, fans have no doubt that the little one could be without a problem.