“Who did he think he was? Lady Gaga?”

Unplanned behind the scenes Padua Prideheroes Cristiano Malgioglio And Elektra Lamborghini.

A man from the singer’s headquarters apparently asked the showman to let her perform before him, since she was late for the flight.

I do not change the composition!

He replied Malgioglio who got even angrier when he found out it was a private flight.

If it was a scheduled flight, I’d understand, but if it’s private, it can wait for you. There are people who do not even have money to feed their children with milk … You all go to hell, but who do you think you are? Lady Gaga?”

From what we learn on the Internet, Cristiano Malgioglio would be very disappointed that Lamborghini she wouldn’t have said hello to him if she’d been isolated in her dressing room.

Carmen Russowho was present behind the scenes of the event, witnessed what was happening, without being able to intervene in any way.

Cristiano Malgioglio he then performed a medley of his hits. New single also in line life porn. Also Elektra Lamborghinion the stage of the nineteenth stage of his Elektraton Touroffered the Padua public an ideal and captivating show.

The singer then posted a series of stories on Instagram with her version of events.

I fall in love with a pear when I read this here, but I don’t understand. First, because he is my friend and could say it to my face, I greeted him before entering. According to my information, it was scheduled for 23:00. This year I wanted to do only my concerts and three 40-minute performances at 23:00. I didn’t have a private jet, I needed to get home in two and a half hours. There is a composition that should be respected, but I was told that I would sing in two hours, something is wrong. I was waiting for my audience, which was next to me, although I would have performed late. But shortly after that, I went home because I had an important event the next day. If there is a schedule, it should be followed. If you have any problems pick up the phone and call me. What are these things?”

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