Who is Bianca Censori – Kanye West’s wife

‘Wedding’ two months after divorce from Kim Kardashian

In February, just a couple of months after his final divorce from Kim Kardashian, rapper Kanye West secretly married 27-year-old Bianca Censori, an architect and collaborator for his Yeezy brand for three years. The condition, however, is a must, as the wedding – although some kind of wedding ceremony took place – has not actually been registered yet. They spent their honeymoon at the Amangiri Resort in Utah, which boasts a 25,000-square-foot spa and rooms for $5,000 a night.

Architect and model

Eighteen years separate Bianca Censori from her “husband” Kanye West, 45. Censori was born in Melbourne, Australia and graduated from her hometown university with a Master of Architecture degree. He also has bold photography for swimwear brand Sasha in his past. In addition, in 2013, she devoted herself to creating jewelry, giving birth to the Nylons Jewelery brand, which she managed until 2017. In 2020, West invited her to go work for his company.

Disappeared from social networks

There is no trace of her on social networks, except for LinkedIn. However, the change in appearance is obvious: she used to wear long brown hair, and more recently, she has worn it very short and blond.

bold outfits

A philosopher of the bra (no bra), Censori has an unbridled passion for rompers (very tight rompers made from stretchy Lycra-type material), preferably nude and translucent.

“Forgotten” skirt at home

Many of the photographs give the impression that the couple left the house “forgetting” to wear something. In Florence, he was seen walking without shoes, but with a scarf that completely covered his face. Here she appears to be wearing only pantyhose.

Peasant holidays in Italy

A black scarf that covers the nose and mouth is tied in a knot. But with pants below the waist and bare buttocks. He had his “wife” on his lap. So the paparazzi placed on the back of a water taxi, in the lazy Venetian lagoon, American rapper Kanye West, 46 years old. En route to the Lido, the couple’s outpourings were captured on video by astounded tourists, but no less willing to leave their cell phones on as they passed the motorboat with the couple on board. The video has gone online. In Florence, he walked barefoot, always with his face completely covered. On other occasions, he was seen walking barefoot with a bottle of champagne in his hand. So much so that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, the mother of his four children, said she was very concerned.

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