Who is Casadilego? Biography of the singer

Eliza Coklite in art Casadilego, was born in Teramo in 2003. Music education, which begins in childhood, focuses on classical and choral music through the piano. She captivated the judges and audience of the 14th edition of X Factor Italia by winning the Hell Raton women’s team. He has accumulated a number of artistic experiences that confirm his level: duets with Ed Sheeran, he opens his live music to artists such as Carmen Consoli, Daniele Silvestri, Max Gazze, Ben Harper, Asaf Avidan.

She experimented with cinematic language as the protagonist in Fabio Mollo’s My Summer of the Soul and was chosen by Walter Malasti as the second protagonist of the Italian version of Lazarus, David Bowie’s rock opera, along with Manuel Agnelli and Michela Lucenti. A multi-instrumentalist and excellent interpreter, a voice and charisma that are unique in the contemporary Italian music scene.

After winning over the public and critics, his first EP is released.Casadilego(Sony Music Italy), which contains songs performed during the X Factor 2020 live performances, including two unreleased songs “Vittoria” and “Lontanissimo” produced by Strage. In the following months, her path in the Italian music scene continues to bring notable successes: the rapper Nitro chooses her to participate in the song “Mr & Mrs Smith”, one of the unreleased songs contained in “Garbage Evilution”, an evolution of his last album “Garbage”, and the single “Vittoria” receives a gold disc certificate (data published by Fimi/GfK Italia).

In March 2021, we also saw her on the cherished Ariston stage during the 71st Sanremo Festival, where she performed a duet with Francesco Renga, who really wanted her to be by his side, performing on the notes of “Una Reason in more ”, a work by Ornella Vanoni.

In July 2021 he returns with the song “Millepiani”, which opens a new creative path Casadilego, and in November it’s now or never with Chicco Sanchez. At the beginning of 2022, “GIARDINO” will be released instead.

(last updated: August 12, 2023)

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