Who is Dominique Fike, rock’s new promise

Dominik Fike became known to the public through a collection of demos on Soundcloud recorded at home while under house arrest. An uplift like his only happens once or twice a generation: he has been praised by everyone ever since Faders To New Yorkeras “the future of pop” due to the fusion of hip hop and rock which led to a #1 hit on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and subsequent collaborations with the likes of Paul McCartney, Justin bieber, Halsey, Omar Apollo, Kenny Beets and many others. He quickly built one fan base dedicated to her music, as evidenced by her debut sold-out North American tour.”Rain Or shine” in 2019 – and profile Sun grew exponentially when he appeared as Elliot, a much-loved character in the second season Euphoria on HBO. His single “3 Nights” has surpassed one billion streams. The new album “Sunburn” completes his ascent.second in his career.

What helps Dominik Fike break into the rock scene, photographed .Playlists “I want to rock”which collects the most important releases of this genre and photographs the modern rock generation, looking with respect to the greats of the past and looking for the voices and main characters of today.

The disc also contains a new single Mona Lisa, which is part of the soundtrack to the blockbuster film Spider-Man: through Spider verses.

On the new album Dominic Fike explores the culture and environment of Florida, thus returning to his roots and writing a love letter to the difficult place where he grew up. With the help of a drummer Henry kwapi (Dijon), manufacturers devin worker AND Jim-I-Stacks (bon IverCaroline Polachek), “Sunburn” consists of 14 ruthlessly honest songs about unrequited love and regrets, addiction, sex and jealousy. It tells the story of a man who returned home to rediscover himself, who found the right words in small rooms, casting timeless spells to close this last chapter of his life and open the door to an even brighter future.

The disk has “frisky” AND “Think Fast”, songs that have been highly anticipated in recent months and are already enjoying huge streaming success. The latter, among other things, boasts a contribution to the guitar and backing vocals. Rivers Cuomo, frontman Vizer: moment of reunion for Sungiven the impact Vizer about him and his many performances – during his first North American tour – “Say It Ain’t So” merged with his “West Coast team“.

The album is well represented by the title track “Sunburn”, a missionary statement about life in South Florida: being too poor for higher education, the tears of a mother afraid of losing everything, and the narrator’s determination not to let it happen. As the refrain goes: “when I die, lay me in the sun.”

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