Who is Franco Parisi, the surprise candidate of the Chilean elections who lives in the US, did not vote and did not set foot in the country throughout the campaign

Franco Parisi
Franco Parisi

The liberal candidate for the presidency of Chile, Franco Parisi, campaigned from Alabama, southern United States, did not vote because he did not change his address and still achieved third place with more than 13% of the vote.

Presidential candidate of the People’s Party, Parisi -54 years old- has made his entire campaign on social networks, while the local press has revealed various problems with the Chilean justice system for alleged fraud and not paying alimony for two minor children in Chile. As a result of his problems with the Justice, a judicial order weighs on Parisi that would prevent him from leaving the South American country.

Chilean electoral law allows voting abroad, but Parisi did not complete the procedure required to register at the country’s consulate. In the electoral registry, it appears registered in a voting table in the commune of La Reina, in Santiago.

He also did not travel to Chile as planned after reporting that he was infected with coronavirus. In an interview with the Diario Financiero de Chile, he said that he could have been infected during the Halloween celebration in the United States, “because that day is very intense here” or in the procedures to prepare his trip to Chile.

This is Parisi’s second presidential election, after finishing fourth in the 2013 elections.

But this time, he has not set foot in the country and has practically proselytized from Alabama, where he has lived since mid-2020 with his second wife and a son, which has caused mockery and criticism in the country and among the other six presidential rivals.

“One more obstacle,” Parisi said in a video released when he announced that he contracted covid-19.

This Sunday, Parisi moved to fourth place the card of the center-left, the Christian Democrat Yasna Provoste (12.2%), and pushed the ruling party and former minister Sebastián Sichel to fifth place (12.08%).

José Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric went to the second round
José Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric went to the second round

Now his flow of votes is extremely co-negotiated by the two candidates who went to the ballotage on December 19: José Antonio Kast and the left-wing deputy Gabriel Boric, after obtaining 28.30% and 25.07% of the votes, respectively. according to 71% of the polls scrutinized.

This is the first time since the return to democracy in 1990 that the traditional center-left and center-right parties did not go through to the second round.

They both have very different programs. Boric, a 35-year-old MP and former student leader who defines himself as an ecologist, feminist and regionalist, wants to expand the role of the state towards a welfare model similar to that of Europe. For his part, Kast, a 55-year-old Catholic lawyer, seeks to reduce the role of the state, lower taxes, tackle irregular migration with a heavy hand and ban gay marriage and all forms of abortion.

Much further behind and with less than 8% of the votes, are the progressive Marco Enríquez-Ominami and Eduardo Artés, from the radical left.

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