Who is Georgina Rodriguez? Everything you need to know about the new girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo can live the greater part of his life in the public eye, but has remained relatively reserved about their personal relationship since she rose to stardom of football.

The striker of Juventus came out with the Russian model Irina Shayk for nearly five years until January of 2015, when his break was described as “like a death” in the family by his sister, Elma.

Ronaldo was linked with several women after that, but some years ago it became evident that the Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez is officially the girlfriend of the captain of Portugal.

This is what we know about the love-interest of Ronaldo.

Who is Georgina Rodriguez?


Rodriguez is originally from the city of Jaca, in the northeast of Spain. It has a population of just over 13,000 and is close to the French border, around 450 km from Madrid.

It is said that she worked as a waitress in his hometown before moving with a family in Bristol, England, as an au pair.

How did you hear about Ronaldo?


According to ACE, Rodriguez met the star of Portugal in a Gucci store in Madrid, where he worked as a clerk.

“Your height, your body, your beauty attracted my attention. I was shaking in front of him, but it lit a spark, ” he said.

“I’m very shy and maybe this moved me more in front of a person who, with one look, had touched me deeply. Then, the way that Christian treats me, cares for me and loves me did the rest. ”

The relationship progressed steadily from there, and the paparazzi began to break them in public at the end of 2016. More memorable, Ronaldo was caught with a wig and sunglasses in an attempt to disguise himself during a trip to Disneyland Paris at the end of that year.

Since then, Rodriguez attended the games of Real Madrid and, of course, has been part of the family for the awards FIFA, attending to the ceremonies of the mother, the sisters and the son of Ronaldo.

There was No announcement of the actual relationship in photos published in the accounts of Instagram of Ronaldo and Rodriguez, but it became apparent that they had become an item.

What does the future hold?

With Ronaldo, who knows?

This relationship is clearly the most serious that he has had since he broke up with Irina in 2015, a fact that is emphasized deeply by the fact that Georgina recently gave birth to a girl, the first with Ronaldo and the fourth son of the star of Juventus.

Georgina also seems to get along well with his son, Cristiano Jr., whom Ronaldo has full custody and takes care of her mother, Dolores. The identity of the biological mother of Cristiano Jr has been maintained in secret since he was born in the united States in 2010.

In fact, Georgina is very involved with all the children of Ronaldo and is photographed regularly with all of them at times seemingly tender.

The two have made clear they are in love, and Georgina even explained it on Instagram. Even was there when the yacht Ronaldo was inspected by fiscal agents in the Balearic Islands, and followed Ronaldo from Madrid to Spain after the striker signed for Juventus.

More children together can be something that the couple consider, but perhaps the marriage is not too far away in the future.

Does Georgina attends the games of Ronaldo?

Georgina has been seen in several games of Real Madrid, usually sitting next to and conversing with Cristiano Jr in boxes, executive, and frequenting several matches of Juventus.

It was on the field celebrating the first victory of Ronaldo in Serie A with Juventus in 2019.

“Congratulations, my love, for once again being a CHAMPION. We love you”, he wrote in his Instagram.

The model has also been there to support her husband in their award ceremonies, as the FIFA Best Awards.

During the World Cup 2018, Georgina was seen in the games of Portugal, encouraging Ronaldo from the stands.

In their last match of the group against Iran, posted a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt of Ronaldo.7 with the legend: “we’re Going Christian. We love you”.