Who is Giulio Berruti, actor (graduate) at Maria Elena Boschi


Blue eyes, 190 cm tall and a face like brad Bit. Giulio Berruti, an Italian actor who won the hearts of the former Minister and current member of the Italy Viva Maria Elena Boschi. She’s 35, she’s 39. Berruti doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. Also on his account in Instagram, and then from 278 thousand subscribers, which is filled with congratulations, do not share a lot of information: some shooting, and, interestingly, the first floor with a view, the magnetic, the sunset is impressive. His favorite (and blue eyes) not in the photo email, of course.


Today, relations between the two Berruti-Forest official, confirmed a direct interest in live and went after a paparazzi kiss, published every week, Which. It’s hard to deny at the moment. But then why deny? When two people love each other, there is nothing bad to say that I’m in love. Not only enough to see (better if in hand) on some events when you come out of the pandemic. at least a year that the two are Dating, just remember that seen together at the party Salone del mobile 2019 (in April), but this time, it seems that it says: We’re friends. He was engaged to ?????????? Kirchmair, which remained in friendship, the history of three years.

Maria Elena Boschi, and Giulio Berruti: that kiss. An evening with Roman a couple of years
Debut and science

Great passion to action in order Berruti, which debuted in films at the age of 21, on the one hand, the film Melissa P. (2005). But only in 2007, which became known thanks to the TV series the daughter of ELISA – Return to Rivombrosa, where he dressed in the clothing of the main character: the Marquis Andrea van Necker. Meanwhile Berruti he never abandoned his studies at the University. Born into a professional family (father a surgeon, an ophthalmologist and mother is a lawyer), was very fond parents, after school science graduated in 2010 in dentistry at Universit degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, and took also received a specialization in orthodontics in 2015.


Until September of last year brought long hair, a little on Jason Momoa, left cutting with a sprig of dancer who gives the air a good boy. A dog that shows pictures on Instagram, and her older brother, Gian-Luca, what the Lieutenant Colonel of tax police. Not afraid to say what he thinks, both in private life and in work, and a perfectionist. Among his performances on TV c’ talent show Dance, Dance, dance, won in 2018 Cristina at Sea, while on the curriculum of the professional role in conducting Weddings and stuff (2016), the unit for combating mafia – the return of chef (2016), black arrow (2006). His latest film Gabriel’s Inferno came on the platform of the American Passionflix 29 may 2020. Who knows what his dream is Hollywood. Interview with grace in 2015, said: I chose to work for an indefinite period, which is never an accurate perception of your. This applies to all, not just for me. You can meet with great success, but you can also experience with the appropriate fist flies.

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