Who is Giuseppe Giofrè Amici 22: from former competitor to evening judge

From the victory of the dance circuit in 2012, to the international success up to the return to Amici as a juror, an explosive career!

Joseph Giofrè is one of three judges on the evening stage of Friends of Maria De Filippi departing on Saturday 18 March on Canale 5. Next to danceron the seats of judges of the program, called to decide the fate of the boys in challenge against each other, there will be Michael Goodsinger who came out of X Factor And Cristiano Malgioglioaccustomed to the role of judge a Such and Which Show on Rai 1.

Giuseppe giofrè judge to friends 22

The presence of Giuseppe Giofrè among the jurors of Friends 22, it is a sort of closure of an artistic journey that began 12 years ago right among the desks of Maria De Filippi’s school. Giofrè indeed participated in the 2011-2012 edition, not limiting himself to simple participation, but by winning the dance circuit. Since then her career has literally exploded, becoming an international dance star and she has a wikipedia page in English.

giuseppe giofrè to friends

It is not the first time he has returned to the Amici di Maria De Filippi school. After the win, Giuseppe Giofrè was also an external judge and among the corps de ballet of the program’s professionals. Born in Gioia Tauro in 1993, Giofrè is 30 years old and thanks to his victory at Amici, he won a scholarship to the Millennium Dance in Los Angeles, increasing his knowledge in the world of dance. He also had a parenthesis as a singer by releasing the album Call on Me in 2013. His path is definitely dance.

The carreer

On TV later Friends, was in the corps de ballet of the 2013 edition of X Factor UK, in 2019 he was in Dancing with the Stars American version of Dancing with the Stars, as well as returning in 2020 in the Amici dance troupe. He participated in the film Cinderella of Prime Video in which he was, of course, one of the dancers. He was also in the corps de ballet at the NRJ Music Awards in 2013.

giuseppe giofrè and international stars

During his career Giuseppe Giofrè was in the corps de ballet of Taylor Swift in 2015, by Britney Spears in 2018 and by Jennifer Lopez on her It’s My Party Tour. He has also worked with Pitbull, Ricky Martin, Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake and many more. You will certainly bring a pop and international approach to the Amici 2022 jury.

private life

Peeping into his personal life, the new judge of Amici 22 Joseph Giofrè it would still seem related to the dancer Adam Vessy. In 2019 they published a photo together celebrating a year of love, since then there are no other indications on Giofrè’s relationship status. Who knows if with the attention that participation in Amici’s evening will bring, new information will come out on her sentimental status. Her Instagram profile is a celebration of her professional achievements and the evolution of her physique over the years.

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