Who is Giuseppe Giofrè, the new judge of “Amici”

The dancer (with a huge passion for pop music) arrives in Maria De Filippi’s talent show

Alessandro Alicandri
March 14, 2023 at 18:03

“It is a pride of the Amici school, wanted by huge international stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears and then again Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Sam Smith and many others. Magnetic, sensual, unique. His motto is: “We are all special in what we do, you just need to put your soul and passion into it”. With these words Witty introduced Giuseppe Giofrè, the unprecedented judge of Amici who has bewitched the world. Giuseppe, called by all those who love him Peppe, is just 30 years old but it is as if he had already lived 10 lives.

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Student of the “Amici” school in the season that began in 2011 and ended in 2012, he easily won the dance category (in the year in which the Bigs were in the competition, so to speak). From day one with his very long forelock to cover his eyes and a very lean physique, he has shown that he has personality to sell as soon as he starts any base. Looking at his choreography today, his style seems to come from the future. Perhaps this is precisely why in a very short time he emerged first in Europe (joining the corps de ballet of X Factor UK, for example) and then in the world first through a scholarship in the United States and shortly after working in many tours he was not only part of the group, which is already a privilege for a few, but often a front-line protagonist alongside the stars.

After all, his decisive, clean and muscular way of interpreting music could only lead to the stages of major international concerts. As often happens to characters capable of great strength on stage, he is extremely fragile (at times even shy) when the cameras go off. Over the years he has faced those fears that sometimes made him defensive during the talent show and today he is not only a conscious artist, but also an adult man who has a lot to transfer to the boys.

When he then took part in various editions of the Evening as a professional, there are many students who are linked to him, inspired not only by that boy as a model for dance, but humanly. Few remember that he also appeared in the music world with the album “Call on me” and the single “Break”: although it was in fact an absolute debut in a field outside his comfort zone and a moment in his career that perhaps he does not like remember, he showed unexpected courage and ability, in an Ep that 10 years after its debut, is still quite current.

Among some of his recent works, however, we remember his presence as a dancer in the musical film “Cinderella” alongside Camila Cabello and the many collaborations with high fashion brands that have wanted him as a testimonial. This Evening in a completely different guise will certainly be interesting: during his last participation as judge during the afternoon phase he stood out for his very professional, decidedly loving and not at all obvious comments.

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