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Who is Gustavo Gordillo, who was Shakira’s boyfriend and Marbelle’s ‘Simon’?

As reported ‘The Network‘ at the time, the man is a former member of the group Poligamia, which was led by Andrés Cepeda and to whom he is remembered for songs like ‘My Generation’ and ‘Vanish’.

And it was just through music that Gordillo managed to reach the heart of the barranquillera and, possibly, that of the ‘Queen of the technocarrilera’, because he was already recognized in the artistic medium.

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Gustavo Gordillo, Shakira’s third love

In 1996, when the musician was already part of the group Poligamia, he became Shakira’s boyfriend; their romance was very popular in the media and, above all, because the story did not last more than a year.

As indicated by ‘La Red’, the love of the artists would have ended because he did not devote enough time to their relationship; at the time, both had careers emerging and couldn’t indulge in neglecting them..

It is worth mentioning that the courtship of the performer of ‘Don’t wait up’ and the musician was given after she finished with Óscar Ulloa and months before she gave her heart to Osvaldo Ríos, with whom he had a torrid history.

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Is Gustavo Gordillo Marbelle’s ‘Simon’?

The doubt arose since the musician shared a photo with the performer of ‘Días nublados’ on Instagram, because most followers linked his appearance to Simon’s, the first love she embodied in her bionovela ‘Amor sincero’.

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In the story exposed by the RCN Channel, Marbelle falls in love with an alternative musician who is not to his mother’s liking and who joins one of his tours; even the man steals his heart so much that he takes away several of his first times.

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Here, one of the scenes of the production in which the famous Simon appears:

Here, the photo in which several followers of the singer have suggested that Gordillo was the first love of Marbelle —who surprised by kissing the ‘Gato’ Baptista—, only that she took care of her identity in the bionovela:

Here are some of the comments left by followers in the photograph; several people were left with the idea that the artist was the one in the love story exposed by Marbelle, whom Alicia Machado would legally denounce:

Instagram: @gustavogordillo
Instagram: @gustavogordillo

Here are some photos the artist has shared on his public Instagram account:

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