who is Kanye West’s partner who hates social media

She was with the rapper for almost a year, but before becoming Mrs. West, she had a completely different look. Who is the mysterious Bianca?

Instagram: @biancacensorii

Instagram: @biancacensorii

She’s a ghost on social media, only appears in very tight outfits (she also has a no-bra philosophy), and was recently banned by a motorboat company in Venice for “lewd acts.” called Bianca Censors and as of January 2023, she is the intended wife (the marriage certificate was never filed) Kanye West. It was with the American rapper that she was photographed in intimate poses on board a Venetian taxi. But the 28-year-old girl, before becoming Mrs. West, was the head of a jewelry brand, wore a completely different appearance and did not like extravagant images.

Who is Bianca Censori, the “replacement” of Kim Kardashian.

When she graduated as an architect, she had long dark hair and wore much more restrained costumes. Bianca Censori, born in Melbourne, Australia, seems to drastically changed style right after meeting Kanye. They reportedly met in 2020 after West offered her a job at his company. In December 2022, the first, crystal-clear clue about their relationship appears: Kanye actually releases the song.Overloaded censors“.

Since 2013, Bianca has devoted herself to the creation of jewelry, coming to create her own brand. Nylon jewelry which he led until 2017. He currently lives in Los Angeles. fashion australia stated: “Melbourne is where I develop my creativity and Los Angeles is where I can apply it.”

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On TikTok, many fans are celebrating similarities between bianca and kim but apart from the physical characteristics, there is actually one more thing in common. Like the Kardashians, Censori also comes from a large family of women, and she also has two sisters: Alyssia and Angelina. It looks like the Censori family welcomed the news of their wedding to West. Sister commentedHerald of the Sun:

“This is very exciting news for both my sister and the whole family, but for now we prefer to be a little alone.”

Whenever the Censors – West made a splash

Before heading to the headlines original look which she and West exhibit around the world, Bianca only made headlines once. In 2021, her pictures for an Australian costume brand made a splash, showing Censori in a mini bikini.

But it was after the wedding that a complete transformation took place: pixie haircut very short and naked jumpsuits AND transparent to wrap her curves. However, apart from the overalls, another hallmark of Censori’s style is her refusal to wear a bra. Like any student no bra philosophy she likes to wear clothes that don’t hide her nipples.

Among the many occasions when West and Censors appeared in eccentric clothes, the June case should be remembered. For Sunday Mass, Kanye wore a T-shirt with shoulder pads, leggings and Yeezy socks (the rapper’s trademark). Bianca stunned everyone in a fitted black midi dress. Peculiarity? The garment also wrapped her head and arms in a translucent veil that extended to a double neck and a boat neckline so rigid that it prevented her from moving.

The Censori-West couple won’t be very active on social media, but they certainly get people talking, and like Bianchi’s outfits – and as they showcased in Venice – they seem to really enjoy being shown naked.

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