Who is Maria Georgiana, the young woman who makes 40 thousand euros a month on OnlyFans. The disturbing life story of the successful Romanian

Maria Georgiana spoke exclusively in the online show In Oglinda, where she undressed all the secrets in front of Mihai Ghita.

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For those who don’t know, the young Maria Georgiana is a successful Romanian on the OnlyFans network who makes a lot of money, about 40 thousand euros a month, as she herself says, but beyond all that, there is a price and a struggle.

Maria Georgiana doesn’t have a fixed recipe for how to make a lot of money from this, nor does she advise young women to do just that. However, the Romanian admits that from OnlyFans, she was able to buy a house and soon wants to open a business, more precisely a cafe.

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Who is Maria Georgiana, the famous Romanian on OnlyFans

Maria Georgiana: “I have a lot of men who have subscribed to the platform to talk to me. It’s like video chat somehow. There are members who just want to meet you. I did video chat, I don’t think the world knows this. “But I felt it wasn’t for me. It affected me mentally and I was impatient. You have to stay online. Here you can make money when you sleep. On OnlyFans, you have control. There are members who want different things.”

Maria Georgiana, huge winnings from OnlyFans

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He was the ugliest or most disgusting when he asked me to defecate in a trash can. The requirements are much worse, I did not have it. I liked talking to people, being alone, I was somehow connected to certain people. He was also discreet. I also had a member who was divorced and paid me to talk to him. I never liked to stand out too much there. People think it’s easy to undress and play, but you go to a psychologist.

How Maria Georgiana came from video chat on OnlyFans and to earn 40 thousand euros a month

I clicked, I said I was giving up, I felt like I couldn’t anymore. They take care of your friends, your family. I wanted to go to a psychologist, but it’s over. I was three weeks old when I didn’t come in at all. I missed the moment, but maybe next month I may not feel well again. These are very bad comments. You’re a whore, a prostitute. What can we expect if her family is like that? My family is very hardworking. ”

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I started OnlyFans in August and saw Bella Thorne make a million dollars. I went to London, I wanted to move there with my then boyfriend, I gave up, I went home. Then it was quarantine and there were restrictions. I had a lot of requests on Instagram, about 30,000. My then boyfriend stayed in London, he had no problem, revealed Maria Georgiana.


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