Who is Mathilde Pinault, Kering heiress

On Instagram, she alternates between shots in riding gear and photos in sparkly gowns for special occasions. AND Mathilde Pinault, heiress of the Kering empire who makes her way in the world like an Amazon. “I’m not afraid in the saddle,” he says, “when I dismount, everything changes.” Sitting on her horse, she feels invincible, the rest of the time she is one of us, with her daily insecurities and a life to be reinvented every day. His legacy is certainly more significant.

Mathilde Pinault is the daughter of Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault and Dorothy Leper, his first wife. She knows she had a privileged childhood, to say the least, but explains that what her family gave her has nothing to do with what the family has. Her father is the richest man in France, but true wealth is something else, she claims: love, open-mindedness, curiosity. Her mother taught her the most important lesson she calls her duck feathers, duck feathers. It is the ability to let unsolicited opinions and what others think of you slip away from you. Salma Hayek, her father’s second wife, showed her how to climb obstacles, reduce them to smaller obstacles and be able to overcome them.

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His family is a safety net that he will never give up. They are very close. Spotlight? They don’t change anything. They remain simple, pragmatic, inquisitive people with an eye to the future. Mathilde studies in Paris and devotes herselfhorseback riding. To those who criticize her generation, she replies that she is neither superficial nor a social media slave. His gaze travels farther than a selfie posted on Instagram. Study at Emlyon Business School and think big. He knows the value of learning and excels in everything he does without any problem. After all, his mother was clear: you can continue to ride only if you achieve excellent results in school. What’s more, he also achieves excellent results on horseback. When her lover Nickel died, her heart broke. With him, he has long competed and built a deep relationship.

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Horse riding is a passion that she has cultivated since childhood. She has collected many prestigious prizes and places and would like to get to the Olympics. Meanwhile he dabbles in fashion he often accompanies Salma Hayek at fashion shows Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, all belong to the Kering group, whose president is the pope. Their half-sister Valentina is often with them, she and Matilda are very close, as are the ideal testimonies of family fashion houses: apparently, in the front row they appear in the perfect total image in accordance with the fashion show.

When she is not spending time with Salma and Valentina, her friends Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco and Marta Ortega Pérez (heiress of the Zara empire) are by her side. With them, he shares a passion for horses and fashion.

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