Who is Mauro DiMaggio? Biography of the singer

Mauro DiMaggio born in Rome on January 21, 1977, began playing guitar at age 6, composed his first songs at age 8, and at age 11 he entered the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, which he attended for 10 years, graduating in eighth grade. The main discography noticed him and brought him to the most Italian stage to present the debutant at the age of only 19 years: Sanremo Giovani (1996) with the song “I don’t know”. In September 1997 he released his first album “mauro di maggio”, produced by Giancarlo Lucariello and Roberta Cassani (CGD – Warner Music). He works in a night program on Radio2 Rai with Ambra Angiolini, plays, writes and, above all, is looking for a way to produce his songs.

Mauro DiMaggio arrives at Ricordi (Sony BMG), which releases the single in December 2001. “Time is running” received a good response on the radio, the album was launched on many radio stations including Radio Deejay, Rtl and Fiorello’s Viva Radio 2 program. In October 2003, he released his second album. “igniForma” and already the first single “I don’t want to stop you” it established itself on the sales charts, remaining in the top 20 for over 16 weeks, also thanks to a highly emotional video supported by music TV channels; “It’s never” the second single from the album, it remained on the sales charts for 4 weeks. The album collects songs written over approximately 4 years and therefore presents Mauro’s more mature works and repertoire already tested in public in several live performances.

A few months after the release of his second album on May 19, 2004. Mauro DiMaggio opens the only Italian performance of Britney Spears at the Forum Assago (Milan), and then goes on tour with Ron in the summer of 2004, performing at the largest Italian venues.

In 2006, it was the turn of the third album, which took its name from the first single. “Love to All My Adventures” (Ricordi – Sony BMG) is a mature, intimate and sincere work that opens an exciting new chapter in musical history. Mauro DiMaggio.

In May 2007, Mauro and Ron wrote Ron’s new single, “Love is a gas balloon.” In April 2008, he participated in the creation of the music for the film “Chi Nasce Tondo” (A. Valori) with Valerio Mastandrea, and in April 2008, Mauro composed the musical themes “Voglia Questa Voglia” and “Tunga Tunga Sotto La Doccia” performed by Ambra Angiolini in the program “Stasera niente MTV”, hosted by Ambra Angiolini herself. In May 2011, he collaborated with Zero Assoluto on an arrangement of the song “Un Giorno Normale” from their album “Perdermi”. In 2012, he wrote the song “La Lontananza”, included in the new album by Antonino, winner of the “Amici” competition by Maria De Filippi and finalist of the 2012 edition in the “Big” category. In January 2018, he composed music with Luna Vincenti, arranged and produced the music for the theater show “Piccoli Crimini Coniugali” together with Michele Placido and Anna Bonaiuto.

In May 2018 Mauro DiMaggio composes, arranges and produces music for theatrical performances
“Balkan Burger” by Stefano Massini with Amber Angiolini. In the summer of 2018, he composed, arranged and produced the music for the short film “Indovina Chi Ti Porto Per Cena” by Amin Nour, produced by Migrarti Award-winning company Goldenart. In the fall of 2019, he composed, arranged and produced the score for the short film “Sanson” by Chiara Centioni, produced by Goldenart and Rai Cinema, which received a Riff Awords Award for Best Screenplay. In the fall of 2019 he interpreted as an actor dressed and made up by Renato Zero in his debut, Renato Zero in the video Zero Il Folle, created by and with Renato Zero. In January 2020, he composed, arranged and produced the music with Luna Vincenti for the theater show “Il Nodo” directed by Serena Sinigaglia with Ambra Angiolini and Ludovica Modugno.

In February 2021 Mauro DiMaggio releases new unreleased song Second Lifefollowed by Martina Gold and vitamin and in November from Endless Ocean. The new theatrical season of “Il Nodo” will begin again in November 2021. Directed by Serena Sinigaglia, Ambra Angiolini and Arianna Scommegna. Starting March 25, 2022, the new unreleased song will be available on radio and digital stores. Without stars and without moon.

From September 30, 2022 Mauro DiMaggio releases a new unreleased song, Before me. In the fall of 2022, he will produce and create songs for a musical show celebrating the thirty years of Ambra Angiolini’s career. From December 16, 2022, the new unreleased song will be available on radio and digital stores.
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