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Who is Michelle Jenner, the actress who plays Clara in “Castamar’s Cook”

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Who is Michelle Jenner, the protagonist “Castamar’s Cook”

Michelle Jenner plays Clara Belmonte, a young woman who faces a life between the shadows of her past and an ambitious future. His role in “Castamar’s cook” captivated thousands of people but few know who is the young woman who gives life to one of the strongest people in historical fiction.

The series achieved more than two million viewers in its first episode and more and more people are fanatical about “Castamar’s cook“. Among her people, Clara Belmonte stands out for her sense of justice and vision for the future, but also for facing a hard past that led her to completely change her life. The young woman who had a good education and skills in different disciplines, goes through a traumatic episode after the death of her father and begins to suffer agorophobia, that is, the fear of open spaces.

Faced with this situation, she began to work as a cook in the palace of Castamar, where she managed to impress Duke Diego de Castamar. However, far from seeking a romance, she chooses to have a more independent life and very different from the one presented at that time.

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Michelle Jenner (photos: Instagram)

While the appeal of the story and its characters manage to catch thousands of people, the actress who plays Clara, Michelle Jenner also has a long and interesting career. The young woman is the daughter of actors and an expert in dubbing. In fact, her biggest success was her role as Sara Miranda in The Men of Paco, as well as her portrayal of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter or Isabella the Catholic in the series Isabel.
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While the professional life of the actress of Castamar’s cook transcends internationally, she knows how to take care of her privacy. For this reason, there is little data on his personal life. In 2019 she became a mom and the result of love with her partner Javier, who is only known to be a dog trainer.

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