Who is more famous Kenya Os or Kimberly Loaiza?

Kenya Os or Kimberly Loaiza are two of Mexico’s most famous influencers and singers. (Instagram @kimberly.loaiza @keniaos)

Kenya OS th Kimberly Loaiza These are two of the most famous influencers in Mexico in recent years. Ambas joined Juan de Dios PantojaThey collaborated for a long time until they separated and developed their own careers, including in music. No embargo they are also recognized by their rivalry.

Los”Keninis“and los”Yukilopthey show a noticeable separation. Therefore, Kenya’s followers consider her a victim of Pantoja and defend her in their fight against injustice. On the other side, Kimberly’s followers hate her and think she’s trying to damage her image. But what happened?

What happened between Kimberly Loaiza and Kenya Os?

The feud between Kenya Os and Kim Loayza began after they worked together on YouTube videos.in such cases JD Pantoja and your novia the singer was invited to join Yukilop.

It was in 2018 that Kenya decided to end her professional relationship with her colleagues. claiming that new ideas “weren’t right” for her, especially after gaining popularity in social circles. “The problem was that I didn’t want to sign a really unprofitable contract,” the “Malas Decisions” singer said in a conversation with him. Escorpio Dorado in 2020.

As a result, the group dismantled social circles in Kenya following their labor collaboration. Desde says The fans divided each other, and each time such a confrontation arose., some rush against others; over all events in which one of them is missing.

Who is more famous Kenya Os or Kimberly Loaiza?

Photos by Kenya Os and Kimberly Loayza
Both Kenya and Kimberly Loaiza have thousands of followers in social circles. (Instagram @kimberly.loaiza @keniaos)

Given the long rivalry going on over the years, Both Kenya and Kim Loaiza continue to enjoy enormous popularity.both in social circles and in music.

Kenya knows more about this 5 million de suscriptores en YouTubewhile Loaiza posed 42 million. En Instagramthe numbers are more corrected as the first one holds 15.7 million sequels and second affairs 38 million.

Ambasa artists also shared the content contained in it TIK TakHowever, since it is a short video platform, they have become very popular. Despite everything, Kim Loaiza is a leader with 77 million followers compared to them 19 million de Os.

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