Who is Prince Stash, the new TikTok idol?

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September 1, 2023

The last star to replenish the sky of the creators of TikTok is 81 years old, he is the heir to an old noble house by profession, time passes between his castle in Italy (in Montecalvello, the village of Viterbo) and his hut in Switzerland. and his summer villa in Malibu. His name is Stanislas Klossovsky de Rola, he is the son of Balthus, he is a prince, and since mid-July 2023 a granfluser, that is, a senior citizen who uses social networks to share personal anecdotes and pearls of wisdom. About a month and a half later, according to The keeperthe prince, known on TikTok as Prince Stash, has amassed 125,000 followers and millions of views (at the moment, his most viewed video is one in which he shows off his collection of beautiful and very ancient swords, with two million views).


A few items from my antiques collection. What is your favorite? #sword #antique #longsword #dreamtok #collectible

♬ Tokyo Drift – Khalid BIN

By her own admission, Stash doesn’t have a ton of wisdom to hand out to subscribers. But he has a lot of jokes. For example, then he discovered that he was a very distant descendant of Byron. Or the one in which Luchino Visconti saw him walking around Rome and asked him to star in one of his films. Or the one in which Fellini asked him to go with him to the Cannes Film Festival. Or the one where he and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones were arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana. Or the one where he went on a picnic in the Black Mountains of Wales with Syd Barrett. Legend has it that Barrett’s downfall began precisely on this trip: together with the prince, he took so many acids that he never fully recovered. “It was magical. He fell into a psychedelic rift. Believe me, in such circumstances, it is possible to exit to other dimensions.


Replying to @RottingSkeleton Here is the story of how I met and started working with rock and roll legends. #history #historytok #rocknroll #jimihendrik #thebeatles #therollingstones #charliewatts #vincetaylor #1960s #storytelling

♬ Blinding Lights(Dr.Ethan Remix) – Dr.Ethan

The list of jokes can go on for a very long time. Before becoming a granfluxer, Stash was a musician – he was the drummer in Vince Taylor’s backing band – lover of Marianne Faithfull, Anita Pallenberg and Niko, model for Playboy and for Gucci (he was the father of Harry Styles in the campaign Memoire d’une Odeur campaign 2019). Now, at the age of 81, with a long beard, hair combed into thick dreadlocks surrounding his head like a turban, with a large ring adorning each finger, wearing long and flamboyant tunics, he loves to talk about objects that are memories. his romantic life. On TikTok, he posts videos in which he introduces viewers to his huge collection of books. He recently made videos in which he shows an almost inaccessible copy child of the moon Aleister Crowley – antique furniture and old paintings. On TikTok Stash, he was inspired by Sandy Grigsby, personal branding specialist and celebrity consultant, who sent him a team from the US to help him make videos. He, Stash, says that TikTok amuses him, but does not obsess. “This is the modern obsession with the telephone, the disease of our time. Luckily it didn’t exist for most of my life.”

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