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Who is Rich Wilkerson Jr, the pastor chosen by the Montaners, Justin Bieber and Kanye West – PEOPLE Online

In February 2020, Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry they were married in a “country” ceremony in Miami. The wedding was something to speak about not only because of the event itself, but because it revealed some of the religious customs it preaches. Ricardo Montaner to the rest of her family as the question of whether or not to become a virgin at marriage.

Anyway, a figure that did not go unnoticed in that context was Rich Wilkerson Jr. (37), who is known in the United States as “the sexy pastor”, in addition to being one of the most chosen by celebrities to headline their weddings.

His looks “relaxed” are far from the conventional image of the pastor. Photo: Instagram

Son of Rich Wilkerson Sr, writer and evangelist pastor of the Miami Trinity Church, followed in his father’s footsteps and leaned toward the way of faith. He is currently pastor of the Vous church in the famous seaside resort. On the other hand, in his Instagram profile he has more of 900,000 followers.

In 2014 his popularity increased after having celebrated the wedding of Kim kardashian and Kanye west in Italy. However, she already had a certain fame in Florida where she stood out for her “rock star” style and for her speeches inspired by current songs. Moreover, he is also famous for being the “spiritual advisor” of Justin Bieber.

This year he was married for 15 years to Dawn Chere. Photo: Instagram

Married to Dawn Chere, the couple lead the meetings in the Vous church where elements of contemporary popular culture are incorporated with the intention of attracting young people. As if that were not enough, between 2015 and 2016 it was issued the reality show “Rich in Faith” in Oxygen where the daily life of the shepherds is shown in ten episodes.

In a video “testimony” of Casa Church, Montaner’s youngest daughter assures that she is “a church for those who would never go to church”. She even says that Camilo, her husband, was fascinated since he began to go to masses every Sunday. Although it is still “in its infancy” since the pandemic complicated its plans, it would not be strange if Stefi roitman and Ricky montaner they want to have it in their wedding, which is still in doubt if it will be in Argentina or Miami.

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