Who is the creator of Cristiano Ronaldo’s viral audio on Tiktok

At this moment, it is impossible that you have not heard the following audio: cristiano ronaldo sending messages of support and motivation to his fans.

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring during Iceland’s Euro 2024 qualifying match against Portugal Photo EFE

Who is the creator of the viral Tiktok audio?

It’s a series of clips created through artificial intelligence by a TikToker (SoyChrisRG) who has moved multiple pieces of content with his own phrases and has amassed millions of views on his different profiles.

The boy has found success on social networks such as Tiktok and Instagram, where his followers ask him for advice in Cristiano’s voice, such as getting out of bed, going to the gym and even recovering from a breakup.

Remarkably, many people thought that all the young man was doing was typing words for Cristiano Ronaldo’s artificial voice to speak in his voice, but that’s not the case.

The TikTok user recorded audio with his voice and then passed it to an artificial intelligence program that changed his tone to one similar to CR7’s, meaning the footballer’s unique words, intonations and sayings came from him.

“Seeing how happy everyone is with Cristiano’s audio, I love you friends”The young man writes that he is grateful for the success behind these videos and that he is definitely waiting to know whether Cristiano himself will mention them on his social networks.

The audio was so successful that it was shared by the official accounts of Real Madrid and Juventus, plus some users made their own videos using the sounds.

The TikTok user has yet to reveal what app he uses to create audio, but There are several ways to achieve Cristiano’s voice with artificial intelligence.Additionally, this isn’t the first time they’ve used artificial intelligence to create viral videos of football players, the clip Messi speaks in English It was also done using this technology a few days ago.

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