Who is the father of Lana Rhoades’ son?

After announcing her pregnancy, the woman Lana Rhoades, has revolutionized social networks, especially knowing that she would not return to the adult film industry, but also many users have wondered who is the father?

We recall that Rhoades began a romantic relationship with the famous of YouTube Mike Majlak en the year 2020, but decided to end their courtship in October of that same year, although they tried to rescue their relationship, but separated in February 2021.

After that romance, a courtship of the now American model was not made public.

In the face of ‘pressure’ on social networks, Majlak she came out to acknowledge that their relationship had ended many months ago and that she was dating someone else, but within her doubt she performed a medical examination including a DNA test.

In this way Majlak is discarded and it is confirmed that Lana has a stable relationship of a few months ago.

After retiring from the adult film industry, Rhoades unveiled to its loyal followers its Only Fans account where it has added more than 25 thousand subscribers.

Majlak he also confessed in a video of YouTube What Rhoades she was obsessed with traditional love, she wanted to have a family, but he had other plans, so they ended their love affair.

The e-model influencer she has not revealed further details of her baby, without knowing the sex although it was announced that she will be born on January 13, 2022.

Rhoades she shared an image on Instagram of an ultrasound with the date mentioned, which has left fans of the American model very excited.


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