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Who is the influencer that everyone loves and that we will see at the Met Gala?

Addison met Kourtney in March 2020 after his friend from Youtube, David Dobrik, will present them. The meeting was a great success and pleasure for Kourtney’s eldest son, Mason Disick, who declared himself a number one fan of Addison’s videos. After that night, the influencer was invited to the house of the Kardashian’s older sister where she filmed a dance of TikTok with Mason. A clear example that moms do everything to please their children: ‘We surprised Mason because he likes my videos on TikTok‘.

After meeting, they got along more than well and began to get very close until they became BFFs: ‘I just stayed and we got really close. We started training together. We made a video on her YouTube of us doing a glute workout and stuff, so it was fun, ‘said the tiktoker.

Since then their friendship continues to grow, they have been seen going out together on countless occasions. Even in a video for networks, they used the same sweatshirts to dance to the song ‘Shoota’ by Playboi Carti.

Pool afternoons and party nights are the result of the union, they even claim that after having sleepovers, Addison sleeps in the same bed with Kourtney, nothing unusual when you have a great friend.

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