Who is the main character in the new Rolling Stones film?

OS Rolling Stones we released his first unreleased music in 18 years in Q4 (6). Today, “Angry” is the first from the band’s new album. Hackney Diamondswhich will continue into 2023.

Accompanying the presentation, the legendary rock band is available in a video featuring dinners taking place on the streets of Los Angeles in an atrium. Sydney Sweeney and promotional materials featuring images of wholesome youth performing the new song.

While some may be reminded of the dear star of the “Angry” video, others may wonder that it was the youth who invited you to star in the group’s new video. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards AND Ronnie Wood.

TMDKA! Summer was a Rolling Stones compilation

At the same time, the announcement of the new album and the official launch of the video in front of me led me to a collection of companies created in Hackney, London, presented by Jimmy fall on and on what TMDKA! Esteve is present to guide everything in real time.

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New Rolling Stones video with Sydney Sweeney

As for the film, the star of the series is North American actress Sydney Sweeney, who was convinced enough to play Cassie Howard in the lauded HBO series. Euphoria and also play Olivia Mossbacher in the series White Lotus.

The artist, who lived only 25 years, saw his career in successful television programs like 90210, Criminal Minds, Gray’s Anatomy AND pretty Little Liars.

Sweeney wanted to watch Emaline Addario’s role in the Netflix series for the first time. Everything sucks!from 2018, which involved two groups of students from the mid-mountains of Oregon in 1996.

Last year, Sydney appeared in the HBO miniseries. Sharp objects and you will also see a recurring story in the second half of the famous dystopian drama series. The Handmaid’s Talewhere Eden Spencer lived, a devout and obedient Garoth from the totalitarian and theocratic Republic of Gilead.

Sydney Sweeney’s success

In 2019, Sydney Sweeney will star alongside Cassie Howard as two of her biggest successes in the drama series. Euphoria. You will receive a nomination for the 2022 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Starting in 2021, the first time from the fantasy series will appear. White LotusLike Olivia Mossbacher, she was in her second year of graduate school and received a number of accolades from paper critics.

His character made him a nominee for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Star in a Limited Series, Anthology or Movie in 2022. His creations will also earn him a spot on the Time 100 Next list for 2022.

In the series, Sidney also appeared in films such as “Marcu”. She was in Hollywood once (2019), de Quentin Tarantino AND American (2023) de Tony Toast.

She was also the protagonist of a political drama. Reality (2023), director Tina Sutterno, what to interpret Reality Lee Winnera US Air Force veteran and former NSA translator who received a long prison sentence in 2018 for disclosing government-sanctioned information on social media.

Now that you know a little about Sydney Sweeney’s trajectory, check out the Rolling Stones’ video of “Angry” below!

The Rolling Stones – “Wicked”

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