Who is the new (very young) love of ex Jennifer Aniston? (PHOTO)

The visitation has been going on (at least) since February and everything seems to be going smoothly!

Justin Theroux on Tuesday was squeezed in a sweet company. Under the watchful eye of the paparazzi, the star of The Leftovers was photographed with the actress. Nicole Brydon Bloom in NYC. He is 52, she is 29, they spent a pleasant evening at the Altro Paradiso restaurant and the photos of them kissing speak volumes enough about the nature of their relationship.

Justin Theroux kisses a very young woman in New York: she is also an actress

Justin Theroux kisses new flame in New York - Cinematographe.it

The lovers were first immortalized in February last year, intending to hug and kiss on the doorstep. Relationships seem to be going smoothly, thankfully Jennifer Aniston. Who, who was married to Justin Theroux from 2015 to 2017, has said on numerous occasions that she broke up on a great note. Unlike many couples, they managed to end their love story peacefully and serenely.

As Theroux himself revealed in a rare interview, they continue to keep in touch despite the fact that SMS, phone calls and FaceTime. And Jennifer hinted at close friendships showing Justin Theroux recently dropped by her house talking to the cameras.

The spark between them arose on the set of the film passion for travel. Up until this point, they hadn’t had a chance to get to know each other, and the forced coexistence on set led to something more. However, we are talking about the past, while the eyes of both are projected onto the present and the future. Accompanied by a woman almost half Justin Theroux’s age, he seems happy. In short, the search for a soulmate with whom to share the little daily joys seems to have borne fruit. Nicole Brydon Bloom starred in the film Case AND Law & Order – Special Victims Unitin addition to starring as the main character, Here at the exitmovie of 2019.

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