Who Is The Number After The Nemesis In Resident Evil 3?


Capcom yesterday officially announced the demo version of the remake game Resident Evil 3,, where in the demo, the player can play the feeling of a little bit of experience, in the latest game, Resident Evil this. We play as Jill Valentine, the player should attack be able to survive from the zombie that it is in Racoon City and together with the other attacks.

Although the zombies are a threat, especially Jill in the face of the threat of other terrible yatitu terrible Monster Nemesis. He is one of the biological weapons created by umbrella Corps. on the hunt for the members of the STAR. Create Geeks don’t know about the history of the origin of the Nemesis, here’s the explanation.

Project Nemesis

Umbrella Corps, the villain of the main series Resident Evil, got some test project of chemical weapons that they develop. You try to create a perfect weapon, and then sell it to the government and the military. Project tyrant is one of the most important project, where the project of the roof created to the biological organic weapons (BOW), namely the tyrant, like Mr. X in the story Resident Evil 2.

In fact, the project Tryant is the production of a deadly virus and the host, or who is taken by the tyrant turns into a biological weapon of the powerful. Project Nemesis was created to be the project of the tyrant. From project Nemesis, a parasite created that could bully kekutangan of the virus.

When the virus is subject to be reduced, which is happening from the side of intelligence and also his behavior, but for parasites Nemesis, on the contrary, actually. These parasites not only is the subject more powerful, but also deadly. Nemesis is a tyrant, who managed to survive the parasites Nemesis, but now he has his own personality.

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The mission of the Nemesis in Resident Evil 3

If the chaos caused by the zombie virus emerged and an outbreak in Racoon City, Umbrella, and then sends the weapons (monsters) they are there to later on the data to how you are performing. after the destruction of the T-002 in the first row Resident Evila member of the STARS was now the main objective of the Umbrella corps.

Nemesis finally City used to Raccoon hunt down the members of STARS, the mess up the plans of the Umbrella Corps. Because the intelligence of this monstrous creature is very high, he can even recognize the figure of Jill Valentine. This is what the Nemesis power is very dangerous and deadly, both for Jill and for the other STARS. In fact, probably – and the fans agree – if Nemesis is the biggest threat in the series Resident Evil.