Who Is the Reporter Kim Kardashian Has Been Linked To?

Kim Kardashian.

Shortly after announcing her divorce, the reality star has already sparked rumors of a new romance, let’s tell you who it is

Almost four months after the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was announced, the businesswoman has already been romantically related to another man (and it is not Maluma ). It is said that the star could be dating a CNN reporter and if you are not aware here we will tell you all the details.

It was last Wednesday, April 26, that media such as the  Daily Mail reported the first rumors of Kim Kardashian’s new romance. It would be the reporter  Van Jones who is a close friend of the 40-year-old businesswoman.


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The two have known each other for years for their law studies and share the same interest in criminal justice reform. Despite speculation, sources close to the family have assured that it is nothing more than a friendship.

In 2018 Kim and Jones worked together to get Alice Johnson pardoned from a life sentence stemming from a 1996 conviction on non-violent drug charges.

Who is reporter Van Jones?

Anthony Van Jones, 52, is a CNN attorney, host, and commentator who is also an Emmy winner for his show  The Messy Truth VR Experience. He is the author of several best-sellers and a co-founder of non-profit organizations. Just in 2019, he divorced his wife with whom he had been for 14 years.


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According to the Page Six portal Kim has received all kinds of proposals since it became known that she had ended her marriage with  Kanyeroyalty, renowned actors, athletes, and millionaire CEOs.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made their divorce official earlier this year after months of facing media speculation. So far both seem to be handling the divorce with the best disposition and have reached an agreement on the custody of their children and support.

The reasons for the separation are not yet known for sure and fans of the famous family hope that the latest season of the sisters’ reality show will reveal the reasons behind it. Currently, Kim seems to be focused on her law studies while Kanye faces some legal problems.


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