Who is the song Lacy from GUTS really about?

The group’s second album Olivia Rodrigo It was released a few days ago, but fans immediately began speculating about the true meaning of the song. lacetrack four GUTS.

Lacey from Olivia Rodrigo:

lace explores complex emotions such as jealousy, jealousy, and insecurity due to constant comparison with someone else; In the lyrics, Olivia speaks of a man named Lacey with both admiration and envy, describing his charm and influence that fascinate and torment the singer in equal measure. Olivia admits that she is deeply troubled by the insecurity that Lacey’s existence creates in her.

If we read the text, it becomes clear that Lacey represents a person (or perhaps several) who works in the entertainment world and for whom Olivia has these feelings; It is for this reason that fans began to speculate about which of her famous colleagues could be the inspiration for the song.

Olivia has already described similar feelings in a song. jealousy, envy his first album SOUR.

Who is Lacy talking about?

There are three artists that fans think could be the lacemakers of the song, viz. Gracie Abrams, Sabrina Carpenter AND Madison Beer. But let’s see what we “know” about Lacey based on the translation of the song’s lyrics.

Lacey is smart, angelic, sweet and sexy, a rising star and looks like the reincarnation of Brigitte Bardot; she also wears ribbons in her hair and has given Olivia several compliments. But most importantly, she got “what I (Olivia) always wanted.”

All three girls are singers, embodying the qualities described in the song, and often wear bows in their hair; Of course, the one most reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot is blonde Sabrina Carpenter (and we’re well aware of the past between them), but the song also seems very similar in musical style to Gracie Abrams’ “Amelie.” Madison Beer – ex Zach Bia, as well as Olivia’s ex-boyfriend, to whom several GUTS songs are believed to be dedicated, including Vampire; Madison praised Olivia for the song.

Both Sabrina and Gracie then opened the Eras Tour for Taylor Swift, who we know was the musical idol of Olivia Rodrigo and with whom she may now be on bad terms, thus achieving what she had always dreamed of since childhood.

What Olivia Rodrigo said:

During the launch interviews GUTS the singer said: “Often I write something that depicts several people together, or I write about fictional situations.“, adding that the album speaks a lot about what it means to grow up, especially in the world of entertainment.

Therefore, it is possible that the song is talking about one of these colleagues, about all of them, but not about any of them in particular, but only describing the feeling that Olivia felt; however, the evidence left behind in the song is certainly numerous and difficult to ignore.

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