Who is the star in this outfit? Only true enthusiasts can immediately recognize

The purpose of this task is to determine the name of the VIP by the clothes he wears. Only three alternatives are possible.

There are people who have a real penchant for the world of entertainment and fashion. They are always up to date with the latest updates and love to read gossip. They are always ready to discover something new about their pets and stay up to date with current trends. Today’s game is especially suitable for such lovers.

Which star wears this dress? Learn and Solve the Mystery: Open Challenge (cityrumors.it)

The goal, in fact, is to recognize the VIP by the outfit.. This is not an easy task. You need to have excellent intuition and an indifferent amount of memory. To make the task less “impossible”, here are three options. The answer is hidden behind one of them.

Who is behind the dress in the photo? Three alternatives

The VIP in the photo is wearing a truly unique dress consisting of a top and a skirt.. It is a fuchsia color with black embellishments. The cups are sealed and have two thin straps. These elements can be a valuable aid in reaching a final decision, however, before rushing to read the final answer, it’s worth taking a look at the options available.

There are three alternatives to choose from:

  1. Margot Robbie: Australian actress and producer. She is best known for giving the face of Harley Quinn in several Marvel films. She’s been talking a lot about herself lately thanks to her starring role in the movie Barbie. He received a truly sensational reception.
  2. ZendayaA: This is my favorite character. She is known as an American actress, singer and dancer. Her collaboration with Disney+ helped her rise to prominence, but her real success came with Euphoria, where she plays Ryu Bennett.
  3. Bella Thorne: American actress and singer. She participated in numerous television and film productions, which allowed her to express herself to the general public. In addition, he has a successful musical career behind him. His latest single titled In You dates from 2021.

Who will be the mystery star? Finally, it’s time to find out, here’s the solution: congratulations to those who guessed it, they certainly understand fashion and trends!

Wearing a beautiful dress is Margot Robbie (cityrumors.it)

The beautiful fuchsia dress in the photo belongs to Margot Robbie.. Only the most attentive and decisive will be able to come to a final decision. The rest of the players, however, should not lose heart, because they will have the opportunity to test themselves again.

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