Who is Tracy Anderson and why do all the stars want to train with her

If there is one thing that Hollywood stars completely agree on, it is that The Tracey Anderson Method represents one of more effective models of training and recovery what is. Becoming an institution in the fitness world, the program designed by Tracy Anderson has been joined by many celebrities, most notably Gwyneth Paltrow, who entrusted herself to a trainer after the birth of her first child in 2006, only to never leave her again.

She has been joined over the years by stars such as Jennifer LopezKim Kardashian, Madonna, Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, just to name a few, have cherished the principles behind the method itself and the goal it seeks to achieve, which is to create a balance between body and mind. unbalanced.

Tracey Anderson: who is and how the TA method was born

Raised on ballet steps, which she gave up at 18 due to genetic and hormonal weight gain that made her unfit to pursue a career as a professional dancer, Tracy has learned over the years and through specific life experiences that well-being is a concept that goes beyond the image one sees in the mirror. Having become one of the founding principles of her Method, the concept of not being tied to a self-image endorsed by beauty standards that demand that we all be equal is nothing less than the result of Tracy’s personal experience. After gaining weight, the then adult begins to train hard and eat less than he should, but not noticing any changes in his physique. The turning point comes when Tracey, married to a professional basketball player, meets a doctor who strengthens small accessory muscles to relieve tension in athletes’ large muscle groups. This lit a light bulb in her: to have a healthy and balanced body, you need to keep the auxiliary muscles active and working.

Starting with this discovery, the 48-year-old man began a long period of movement and nutrition studies and research that laid the foundations for what would become one of the most popular training programs in America. Personalized based on each individual’s physical build, the TA method offers a series of workouts that combine sequences of free-body, dance and mat exercises suggested upon registration on the portal by specialized consultants on the team.

The Tracey Anderson Method: How It Works and a Typical Workout

Movement-based, the TA method begins for everyone from the same starting point, where the term “beginner” does not indicate the level of experience of the person doing it, but rather the goal of the course, which is to lay the foundations. The training program is updated every 10 days, increasing in intensity, and consists of 6 workouts per week, each for an hour, during which you work to activate and strengthen the accessory muscles through sessions of cardio and functional exercises.

The constant movement, core activation, and engagement of the body and mind during training make this training pattern a complete path to wellness, because it allows you to define your body in its uniqueness and because it allows you to gain greater awareness of yourself through the movement of the body in space, which also teaches dance.

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