Who should get the flu and COVID-19 vaccine this fall?

An elderly person received a dose of the new crown vaccineEffie

Given the rebound in COVID-19 cases and taking into account the epidemiological situation, and the fact that masks have been reinstated in some hospitals, the Public Health Committee recommends Vaccination in front of coronavirus and influenza People 60 years of age or older, anyone over 5 years old living in a residence or disability center, and people with other dangerous medical conditions.

one of them next autumn This will be the second campaign to implement the two guidelines and the first to use a formulation developed by Hipra, manufactured in Spain and whose dose was approved on March 30.

Diseases for which vaccination is recommended

According to documents prepared by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health considers diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, morbid obesity, chronic cardiovascular, neurological or respiratory diseases (including bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cystic fibrosis and asthma, kidney disease) or blood clotting, alcoholism , Immunosuppression is a risk factor. , cancer, or celiac disease.

In addition, it includes chronic inflammatory diseases, conditions and diseases involving: cognitive dysfunction (such as Down syndrome or dementia) and pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy or within six months of delivery.

Public health committee also advocates for people to get vaccinated Cohabitant with high grade case Immunosuppressive (such as transplant or HIV) or people over the age of 60 or who are at higher risk of complications after infection.

However, healthy Not recommended “Vaccinating children and adults who are not part of the program Target population”, that is, for healthy children under the age of 60 who have completed a full vaccination program. For them, the new dose “is not justified” given the immunity already acquired in the general population.

Finally, they emphasized that the vaccination protocol should be adhered to. supervised for him health personnel Any visit to the health center can be used to assess the procedures to be followed.

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