Who should play Patriots quarterback?

First we saw the Tom Brady version of ESPN’s “The Last Dance.” Now it looks like Tom Brady’s version of the HBO series “Winning Time” may be coming soon.

A limited series based on the life and career of the New England Patriots legend called “The Patriot Way” is in development, Deadline reports. The project will be based on the book “12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption” by Kathy Sherman and Dave Wedge.

The show was written by Paul Tamasi and Eric Johnson, who previously adapted Sherman and Wedge’s Massachusetts-related books into “Boston Strong” and “Patriots Day.” They also co-wrote the script for “The Fighter,” another Boston athlete story about former boxing champion Mickey Ward.

Unlike the 2021 documentary series “Arena Man: Tom Brady,” which he co-produced with ESPN, there is no mention of Brady’s involvement in the production.

While the book adaptation focuses on Brady’s journey through the Deflategate scandal, Patriot Road will reportedly also chronicle his rise from sixth-round draft pick to Super Bowl champion, his relationship with Bill Belichick Gram’s relationship, as well as Aaron Hernandez and the Spygate scandal. Brady has clearly had an eventful career, and the series clearly wants to address them all.

From the deadline:

“The New England Patriots dominated professional sports for 20 years,” Tamasi and Johnson said. “Our series will take viewers inside Gillette Stadium, also known as Fortress Foxboro, to gain a new perspective on exciting, historic comeback victories; successful The dark side; and building a culture of winning at all costs.”

Of course, the success of a nonfiction scripted series often depends on the storyteller. Part of what makes “Winning Time” so compelling is that you feel like you’re watching Showtime about things the Lakers don’t want to talk about (when the show isn’t completely screwing things up), from contentious locker rooms to players trying to murder a coach .

Tom Brady has had an eventful career. How does the scripted series portray him?  (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

Tom Brady has had an eventful career. How does the scripted series portray him? (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images) (Joseph Prezioso via Getty Images)

As far as the Brady franchise is concerned, a lot will depend on how much grace the production team is willing to extend to the man. It’s hard to imagine a sports series more compelling than one based on the message that “Tom Brady is actually not wrong.”

Who will play Tom Brady in Tom Brady’s scripted series?

There are many actors who could potentially play Brady in the TV series. Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights fame has been a popular visual comparison for years, and there’s no shortage of famous Boston actors who might at least knock on the door (looking at you, Mark Wahlberg ).

On the other hand, if “Time to Win” can find a young, unknown actor who can match the charisma of Quincy Isaiah’s Magic Johnson, then Brady might be able to do the same . With all due respect to the future Hall of Famer, Hollywood has no shortage of actors as tall and handsome as Brady.

It might be a long time before we hear any real casting news, though.

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