Who will be the highest paid actor and who will make the most money in 2023 (Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Tom Cruise)? Let’s find out by asking Tarot

Read Tarot photos from pixabay.com

Read Tarot photos from pixabay.com

All over the world, big money tycoons boasting fabulous fortunes are accustomed to asking tarot and other divination systems questions to increase their wealth, so why not succumb to the temptation to gossip about this curious question?

Although some conventional wisdom is still skeptical of divination methods, it is now known that the most powerful people on the planet often relied on sorceresses or fortune tellers. In the UK, for example, a certain Sally Morgan is especially well known as a “VIP medium” who, in addition to advising important personalities from show business and politics, does not skimp on television appearances. Hollywood stars are also not alien to this kind of hobbies.

Today, we will have fun asking who will become the highest paid actor and who will earn the most money in 2023, choosing among those who, logically, are already a candidate for this role. Let’s talk about Tom Cruise fresh off the set of Top Gun: Maverick, Will Smith with Emancipation, Brad Pitt coming out with a F1 movie. While the respective films’ royalties have been or are bound to be disclosed, the richness of these characters in 2023 will depend not on a single box office release, but on several different factors such as advertising. It is possible that one of them can take possession of the inheritance and thereby increase their fortune. In these checkers, we will use a simple 3-card scheme, the so-called “dry yes-no”.

Who will be the highest paid actor and who will earn the most money in 2023 according to Tarot?

Considering the huge paycheck for the latest upcoming film, Tom Cruise is sure to be able to win. But let’s see what Tarot thinks about this. The spread is actually weak and requires more cards to be added. He will not be the richest in 2023. In fact, the Jack of Cups, 9 of Cups and 7 of Swords can reveal the presence of lies, deceptions, possibly associated with ill-conceived investment attempts, perhaps invested in a place not by reason, but because of an excess of ego. There will be repentance (5 of Cups) and clearing, with victory (Sun), but not anytime soon.

Will Will Smith become the richest in 2023?

Unfortunately, the alignment concerning Will Smith has the character of internal gravity, marked by the presence of the Arcana of the Hermit. Reflections, afterthoughts, loneliness. At 8 Cups, the actor seems to be moving away from something that worried him, especially from an emotional point of view (10 Cups), and this, unfortunately, will affect the business. Fortunately, the presence of the 2 of Wands suggests that Will will get back on his feet and look beyond the period of fatigue with greater foresight.

Will it be Leonardo DiCaprio?

Nothing but the beauty of the 3 Major Arcana for the talented Leonardo Di Caprio. This will be his golden year. Of course, Leo enjoys his consolidated stability (Imperial Arcana) and is an extremely powerful character. However, the presence of the Hermit describes a long period of reflection and introspection, which, however, was useful in achieving victorious results (Arcano del Carro). It cannot be ruled out that even soon DiCaprio can claim new roles and new fruitful contracts.

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