Who will Kim Kardashian spend Valentine’s Day with?

This year Kim Kardashian, for the first time in a long time, will find herself spending Valentine’s Day alone. According to her latest Instagram Stories, she appears to be exorcising the approaching day in the company of her sister Khlo√© and a few friends. However, who will think to keep her company for that evening will be her daughter North which, for days, has already been in full preparation, at least as regards decorations and fittings.

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A small one anticipation of what our Kim could see today is a video posted by the little girl on their shared profile on TikTok. You can see a table set with red and pink silk drapes, a tablet projecting a beating heart, many scented candles enriched with essential oils of Amble (her aunt Kourtney’s brand of organic products. After all, every moment is right to do some advertising) and then cookies, chocolates and heart-shaped candies. From other TikToks, we know that North, with the help of her mother, is very fond of cooking so it is likely that she made and baked those cookies herself.

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The best part, though, is the agenda that has been left on the table. Inside, you can read “I love you from North to mom” and I’m pretty sure Kim will melt like snow in the sun and cry when she reads it. We must admit that, to be the first single Valentine’s Day, it didn’t go badly: North couldn’t be better company for this evening!

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