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Fans of “The Prince of Bel-Air” have every reason to celebrate: the acclaimed television series returns in a new formula, adapted to our times.

A new “Bel-Air” trailer was released very recently. Will Smith’s role is successfully taken over by Jabari Banks, whom moviegoers already know from “Peacock”. The new version of the famous’ 90s series differs a bit from the original sitcom. Its authors reimagined the prince’s world, adding surprising and much “darker” elements.

“Bel-Air” follows in the footsteps of a fan-made movie that has gone viral

In 2019, Megan Cooper, a declared fan of “Prince of Bel-Air”, presented a new approach to the story, reinventing it in some places. Her viral film attracted attention and went viral in an extremely short time. “Bel-Air” goes, to some extent, on the path set by Cooper, which also participates in writing the script.

“The Prince of Bel-Air” ran for six seasons, between 1990 and 1996. The main character, played by Will Smith, immediately became a fan favorite, which turned Smith into an unknown “illustrious”. a real star. It can be said that this sitcom represented the great luck of the actor, paving the way for his success and turning him into what he is today.

Although he will no longer play in the new version, Will Smith promises to follow closely the evolution of production, directly from the chair of executive producer. At the same time, Smith is planning a new cinematic success. He will star in the new Disney + series, “Welcome to Earth.”

The series tells the story of a child with the “school of life” who moves from West Philadelphia, along with his aunt and uncle, to a residential neighborhood in Bel-Air, populated by wealthy residents.

The idea for the new version of “Bel-Air” has appeared since the 20th anniversary of the famous sitcom, in 2020. It is currently being broadcast on HBO Max.


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