“Whoever finds my dog ​​Sirius will get one million euros.” The animal goes home, but the Chinese trader does not keep his promise

A wealthy Chinese entrepreneur has offered more than a million dollars (a little less than a million euros) to anyone who finds and brings home his beloved dog who suddenly went missing. Except for large sums, the news lies in the fact that the person may not have honored the commitment made. Or should we say that they must have partially respected it. This is in front of the return of the four-legged, which happened on the same day as his disappearance.

The fact of setting such a high prize, however it ended, should not be too surprising. There are people whose standard of living is decidedly different from the normal level, who will do anything to get back their faithful four-legged companion when it is lost or forcibly taken away. Therefore, it is no exception, like the Chinese millionaire, famous singer and actress Lady Gaga, who is able to offer large sums of money to regain possession of her beloved animals.

The dog’s name is Sirius. The eight-and-a-half-year-old boy, who had recently retired after an honorable service in the military forces, made headlines soon after his loss appeared on the social media of a center for the adoption of stray animals in Zhengzhou province. was giving. Henan is the second most populous city in the country with approximately 100 million inhabitants. The owner’s request for help was expressed with an attached reward: $277,750 (about 247,000 euros) for anyone providing vital clues about the dog’s fate, on the other hand, 1.3 million for the finders. dollars (approximately 1,155,895 euros) and GII returned her lost pet.

Undoubtedly, many, if not all, would have regarded such an award as absurd, disproportionate and probably not very credible. VHowever, he added that when the animal was returned except and in good health Hours after the damage was reported, its strange owner, As reported by Clarins, most major argentina newspapers, A “small” reward, if compared to the initially promised, will be offered in any case: $650,000 (about 578,000 euros), half of the agreed amount.

It may have been the Chinese patron himself who informed the Asian newspapers that he had raised large sums of money. “I did it – said the man – because I was on the verge of despair and, at the same time, inspired and incited people to seek their beloved four-legged with constancy and constancy”. Then everything is clear? no way. This has been confirmed by the Chinese police, who decided to open an investigation into the still very unexplained case once the game was over, after the dog returned to base a few hours later. Two investigative clues followed: a possible scam or, perhaps, even the abduction of the animal with the latter focusing on the millionaire’s ransom, given the size and enormous economic potential of the owner.

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