Why all children under 5 in Spain will be vaccinated against flu this year

Starting next fall, healthy children will get their flu vaccine around this time for the first time 6 months and 5 years all over Spain. Until now, only children with certain health conditions were vaccinated.

All autonomous regions and the municipalities of Ceuta and Melilla have vaccinated 1.6 million children. In 2022, this group has been vaccinated in Andalusia, Galicia and Murcia with 50% coverage; coverage is now expected to reach 55% or 60%, according to the EFE agency Javier AlvarezMember of the Vaccine Advisory Committee of the Spanish Pediatric Association (CAV-AEV).

children, route of infection

The reason for vaccinating these children is to protect them and to prevent spread the flu.that’s how kids are “this Major spreaders of influenza in schools and daycaresand spread the virus to the people they live with”Alvarez said.

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