Why an old phone and this price is the best combo for your vacation

While some people like to be disconnected from their phones while on vacation (necessary if we’re talking about a work phone), many others prefer to be able to stay in touch, talk to family, send them photos, or maybe keep Connect to watch their favorite episodes while they relax at the beach or at the country house.We have to differentiate the purpose of the terminal: using GPS, sending WhatsApp messages or receiving emails Another more intensive use involves video streamingdownload content for offline viewing, and more.

Our normal data rates may not be able to support increased usage because Either we have limited GB, or because our carrier’s coverage isn’t the best. In this case, it is a good idea to create a portable router that mimics the ones we usually have at home, certainly without breaking the bank.

(rain of free gigabytes and mobile discounts: all summer promotions from Orange, Vodafone or Movistar)

To do this, we’ll find a cell phone in a drawer and set the data rate on it so it can serve as an access point for anyone we’re on vacation with.

select rate

The first thing we’ll check is whether the carrier of the SIM card we’re going to buy has good coverage in the area where we’re going to spend the summer. Below is the coverage map of the major companies:

In the case of Vodafone, our prepaid rates are EUR 10 for 50 GB, EUR 15 for 100 GB and EUR 20 for 140 GB. For Orange we have a price of 220 GB for 20 Euros. Movistar matches Vodafone’s offer at €20 for 140GB, although 40GB is available for €10 and 80GB for €15.

But one of the ratios that most caught our attention was the Lobster, an operator focused on Brits holidaying in Spain. They have three prepaid plans with good capacity, one of which includes calls to Spain, although using your phone as a router isn’t the most fun.

These rates are three GB off until September, perfect for holiday use. The first is the small rate for 75 GB at 12.99 Euros, the medium rate of 150 GB for 18.99 Euros and the large rate of 240 GB for 24 Euros. The latter is probably the most interesting, although it depends on whether we want to utilize no less than 240 GB of memoryno matter how much we watch Netflix or download albums on Spotify, that’s a lot of data.

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To be able to do this simply We need an Android phone that we keep at home but don’t use often. We’ll be using it as a Wifi access point with several versions of the settings native to the Android system.

When we insert the SIM card into the terminal, we can activate hotspot or access point mode, must change wifi network name and passwordEspecially for security reasons. The name of the network can be anything we want, from funny names to generic names that go unnoticed. For passwords, it’s best to use something secure, although it doesn’t have to be hard to remember.

This is a function that can be used by any terminal, but it is also a function that requires a lot of power.that’s why We recommend that you keep your phone connected to the charger when you use it as a router. This could damage the battery in the long run, but assuming an old terminal is used, it’s even possible that the battery is far from its best.

certain restrictions

Even if the mobile phone is used as a router, we may want to use it carefully, Can’t connect as many devices as I do at home. Apart from, Wifi coverage depends on quality of mobile antenna connectionand the area of ​​the house in which it is located.

Tips for Choosing the Best Portable or External Battery for Your Phone

here comes into play Wi-Fi signal strength, which will be smaller than a normal router. If it’s placed in the living room of a house, we might cover it and other rooms, but if we’re talking about a very large house, we might not be able to cover everything.

(Tips for choosing the best portable or external battery for your phone)

The good thing is that if we needed to move it, we could unplug it without a problem.If we need to charge the battery when we use it away from the parts We can use the portable batteries that we usually carry when we travelwhich gives us multiple charges for the phone.

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