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Less than 200 in stock movie AND row TV on Apple TV+a number far from thousands of titles on Netflix o Hulu, a video streaming service not available in Italy. Partly because almost entirely original content Apple. Therefore, on the Apple platform, it is less likely to find films and series from the past, a type of work that is instead well presented, for example, on Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. In part, the content directory is a chosen directory and responds to the choice to focus not on the quantity of the offer, but on quality. There have been several voices commenting on this choice in recent months, all singing more or less the same refrain: Apple’s streaming strategy is working. The data backs up the claim: According to analytics firm Kantar, the number of people in the United Kingdom who subscribe to at least one video streaming service has been declining for a couple of years now. Despite the overall negative trend, Apple TV+ is the second largest platform in the country in terms of subscriber growth in the first quarter of 2023. For other numbers, we need to go back to February, when the Cupertino company announced that as of December 2022, Subscriptions garlic Apple Services were 935 million compared to 900 in August-September 2022 (Apple services include Apple TV+, Apple Music, apple arcade and others).

The strategy is similar to the one followed expansion of HBOwhose works we most often associate with the term prestige tv. Apple seems determined to implement what has been done so far. Hiring Former Marketing Campaign Manager Disney, Ricky Strauss, it’s not news that stops the world of culture, but reading between the lines, it’s interesting: it could mean that big tech has made a gear shift, rewarding a platform that, we repeat, works despite receiving lower investment than in some cases among competitors. Another aspect of Strauss’ past should be emphasized: among other things, he managed marketing campaigns for frozen AND Incredibles 2. From that perspective, his hiring at Apple should be in line with the platform’s collaboration with Skydance Animation, the studio he leads. John Lasseter, previously torpedoed by Disney after an internal investigation that revealed some of his inappropriate actions in the workplace. With a distribution decision Luckalready available, e enchantedhaving arrived on its platform, Apple has actually rehabilitated Lasseter to enrich the part of its offering devoted to children.

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Otherwise, as Gabriele Niola wrote in the same magazine in an article about the film sharper, the average product a subscriber can find on Apple TV+ is “mature and sophisticated, rarely aimed at teens and closer to what cinema sent to theaters 15 years ago, films for over 40s with high production value. A movie for audiences who, regardless of taste, expect a certain level of excellence.” Top-rated feature films on Apple TV+, second Metacriticsdescending order, animated film Wolfwalkers – People of wolves; musical documentary directed by Todd Haynes, Velvet Underground; documentary film that won an award at the Sundance Film Festival, Boys condition; complete recording of the musical Come from afar and documentary Black and Blues by Louis Armstrong. Slightly sidelined, we find the winner at the 2022 Oscars CODA – Signs of the Heart, Roads (with Jennifer Lawrence) sharper, tetris. Top TV shows on the meta rating – Season 3 DickinsonFirst season Visible: on televisionfirst of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rockall with less than ten registered reviews, then the second of Shmigadun! and the first of Pachinko. I am in the company of other series that are talked about a lot: Ted Lasso, split, Servants AND blackbird.

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CODA – Signs of the Heart


What Apple TV+ has in store for the future is just as exciting: it starts with Flower Moon Assassins From Martin Scorsesewhich will be available on the platform in October, after a short run in selected rooms; Napoleon From Ridley Scott; Argylea spy story from an all-star cast (Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, John Cena, Dua Lipa and Samuel L. Jackson and others); enchanted Lasseter; Gorgecult director Scott Derrickson (the one who Sinister AND black phone), starring Anya Taylor-Joy; Blitz, Steve McQueen, with Saoirse Ronan. As for the series, it is a high-budget project inspired by metropolisto compare, in terms of performance, with the ambitious su series Harry Potter AND Lord of the Rings. Filming, which was supposed to take place in Australia, was halted due to a writers’ strike and the cost was deemed excessive. Even if it never sees the light of day, a series inspired by the silent film masterpiece now remembered only by sophisticated viewers could be a showcase for what they are responsible for. Apple TV+ when he was asked to launch a colossal project.

Then directory access is encouraged free period, in the specific case of a week, which is extended to three months if devices manufactured by the same company were purchased. Although it has increased, as has happened with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video over the past year and a half, expenses belongingsubscription remains below average: in Italy 6.99 Euro per month. The increase comes as a result of a critical moment for all streaming services, after last year’s Netflix results signaled to investors that subscriber growth was slowing down. Wall Street began to wonder if the streaming segment had reached its peak and asked companies to shift their focus from subscriber growth to revenue. Thus, those who compete for the attention of non-theater viewers could enter a second phase, the consolidation phase, during which new methods of monetization are tested and the question arises whether and to what extent theatrical cinema is an alternative from the couch, the question , which directly deals with the relationship between the small and large screen. Netflix’s response was advertising plan be offered at a reduced price. For now, Apple is watching, but may soon get down to the facts, at least according to some of the rumors they see hiring an advertising director. Lauren Fry preparations for the launch of the subscription, not without place.

Subscription prices remain below average, at €6.99 per month in Italy.

Attendance since cinema in the halls is random for red N, at least for now, but according to some reports, Apple would be closer to Amazon’s strategy (implemented, for example, in the case of films such as Air – History of the Great Leap Forward). The Cupertino-based company plans to show $1 billion worth of films annually on the big screen. Go to the movies more often and stay longer: that could be a winning idea, because this year some successful productions give hope that hall crisis, aggravated by Covid, partially returns. Therefore, Apple will look for partnerships with the largest film studios to show their films in theaters: at the moment it is Paramount (Flower Moon Assassins), sony (Napoleon) and universal (Argyle). For what concern independent segmentAfter TAIL and a big acquisition at this year’s Sundance Film Festival (that’s about flora and sonpaid more than TAIL), Apple will be on par with other market players, focusing mainly on something else: distributors tied to the more traditional business model associated with independent films breathed a sigh of relief, but at Sundance and elsewhere, representatives from Netflix or Apple always were warmly received due to their excellent purchasing power. However, at the moment, the strategy of all streaming services regarding independent films few and targeted acquisitions, with an eye in particular to horror. The rest remains (also) A24 oa MUBI.

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Apple TV+ is a premium TV at an affordable price.. At the beginning it was said that it did not have a noticeable catalog of content, but from 2019 to today everything has changed, and those who activate the subscription just now will have a lot to restore, in general, confidence in the level of quality of the products. news every monththere are not many on Apple TV+, but they are usually good, and with Scorsese AND Scott in the race, the bar could have been raised even higher. perspectives they also seem to be good in the long run: some signs indicate that Apple is accelerating on its way and that the direction is right.

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