Why are children’s pools warmer than adult pools?

If you only have a few seconds, read the following text about kiddie pool myths:

  • Some circulating content suggested that the water in the children’s pool was warmer because children were urinating in it.
  • This cannot be the cause. For this, a large amount of urine is required, which is beyond the capacity of children in these children’s pools.
  • The higher temperature is due to proportionally, for an adult, a small pool area receiving more solar radiation than a larger pool.

As unpleasant as this is, you must have thought that babies and children have less (or no) control over their biological needs, leading to The children’s pool has more degrees By urinating in water.

“Have you ever wondered why kiddie pools are hotter? What do kids do in diapers? Pee. How about pee? Hot (sic)”, means a tweet.

But in fact, This cannot be the reason.. For this, a large amount of urine is required, which is beyond the capacity of children in these children’s pools. In practice, the temperature is higher because proportionally, The area of ​​the small pool receives more solar radiation Much better than the adult pool.

Smaller pools receive a higher percentage of heating energy than larger pools

Why are children’s pools much “warmer” than our adult pools?

First, to explain the phenomenon, meteorologist Benito Fuentes Calculate the area and volume of a children’s poolthat is, The surface and liters of water that the sun will heat during the summer. He then focused on the possible temperature difference, in this case around 5°C, between a hypothetical pool with no urine (colder) and one with urine (hotter).

Given the assumed temperature of the urine (Fuentes used a figure of about 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.4 degrees Celsius), calculate the liters of urine needed to raise the pond by those degrees.The result is (taking into account all previous calculations), neither more nor less than 8,500 liters of urine.

According to Twitter sources, approximately 60% of the liquid in the swimming pool is urine It will overflow and fall from the pool. “Not to mention its pleasant smell and taste,” the expert sarcastically puts himself in this position.

The conclusion is that the children’s pool is hotter than the larger pool because the ratio between the energy received per unit area of ​​the first pool and the volume of water is greater (because it is smaller). “In other words, the small pool A higher percentage of energy can be used for heating than larger plantsFuentes explained to Martitta, half co-founder fact check.

Hui Tong Chua, Head of Chemical Engineering at the University of Western Australia confirmed fact check “The solar radiation adds a lot of heat to the outdoor pool, which helps keep the pool warm.” “Obviously this has nothing to do with the urine,” he said.

Do we mean little kids don’t pee in swimming pools? Of course not: it might be so, why lie to yourself.what do we comfort ourselves with They can’t do enough to make the dip less refreshing.

must take into account Children lose heat faster than adults. As Cai pointed out. “As a result, kids’ pools are always warmer than typical adult pools that would otherwise be cold,” he said. In fact, he explained, “at children’s swim schools, the pool is almost always heated to make them more welcome and to keep them interested in swimming.”

It’s not just kids peeing in pools

Are only small children allowed to pee in the pool? nothing. Misinformation has long been circulating that the water in some pools contains a compound that can turn urine blue or red, making urination awkward. There is no evidence that the product actually existsbut in 2017 a team of scientists at the University of Alberta determined How to find and measure urine in the pool.

what they do is Track the presence of acesulfame potassiumor E-950, a sweetener found in many processed foods, Our bodies excrete it unchanged in the urine.

use this sneak OK, on ​​average, in an Olympic swimming pool, 225 liters of urine in 3 weeks, although his measurements were made on a small sample of 31 swimming pools in Canada. Maybe the results can’t be directly extrapolated to all pools, but they’ve helped us get used to the idea that it’s not just kids peeing in pools.

exist fact check We have already explained to you that in swimming pools our eyes turn red due to the combination of chlorine with other substances such as urine, feces, sweat or certain products such as deodorant or cosmetics.

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