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Why are Kenya Os, Addison Rae and Anitta together in Aspen?

Find out why celebrities are together in an amazing house in Aspen! The Keninis can’t believe it…

A few weeks ago, Anitta and Kenya they became trending after the Brazilian singer, songwriter, presenter and actress began following the YouTuber on Instagram.

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“I can’t believe that Anitta, one of the most important women in Latin America, has just followed Kenya. Without words all he’s accomplishing” and “Keninis and Anitters celebrate!” fans wrote on Twitter.

kenya os anitta colaboración
Photo: Instagram

Now, the singers are together in Aspen along with Addison Rae, and the Keninis can’t thrill!

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Why are Kenya, Addison Rae and Anitta together?

Anitta uploaded some stories alongside Kenya, which raised suspicions of a possible musical collaboration between the singers.

But in addition, they also noticed that the famous TikToker and kardashian family friend, Addison Rae, is with Anitta and Kenya.

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“Kenya Os, Nikita Dragun, Addison Rae, Anitta, together in one house, God that emotion”

But why are they together? Everything seems to indicate that Anitta invited different celebrities and influencers such as Natalia Barulich, Nikita, Kenia Os and Addison Rae to her #LocoHouse to promote her next single called ‘Loco’.

Netizens went crazy with this new squad and assured that it is the beginning of a promising future for Kenya.

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