Why Aren’t George Clooney and Leonardo Dicaprio Good Friends?

George Clooney

Many would believe that these two great actors would get along, however, Clooney does not have a good idea of ​​his colleague.

George Clooney and  Leonardo DiCaprio are two great Hollywood stars, however, although it may seem surprising, it seems that between the two of them there is not a good relationship. It all goes back to a comment that the protagonist of  The Great Scam made a while ago.

In 2013 Clooney, currently 59 years old, recalled once he went to play basketball with the protagonist of El Renacido, they were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and George recalled that Leonardo’s attitude left much to be desired. “You can’t brag unless you know how to play (basketball). And that’s what happens when you play Leo: you have all these guys showing off around him, “he told Esquire magazine.

After a game in which Clooney’s team won by many advantages (or at least the actor remembered it), he realized that Leonardo lacks “a bit of reality”: “There was a lack of coherence between what his game was And how he talked about his game, it made me think how important it is to tell the people in your life what it is. I’m not sure Leo has someone to do it, ”Clooney said.

Those statements did not leave Leo very well, who did not comment on what his colleague thought of him.

But Leo is not the only actor that Clooney has attacked, because he does not have a very good impression of Russel Crowe with whom he has been more severe when giving his comments.

And it is that in 2005 Crowe accused Clooney of having sold for “advertisements for Spanish suits”, a comment that George did not like. “Friend, the only person who succeeds when two celebrities fight is People magazine,” he told the actor.

The truth is that Clooney may be strong in his postures, but he is one of those people that everyone would like to have as friends because he does whatever it takes for the people he loves. As proof, you can remember that anecdote that he gave a million dollars to his best friends as a token of appreciation for all the time they have supported him.


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