Why can’t the Dallas Cowboys win a championship? – finance

Happy New Year. The 2023 NFL season kicks off this Thursday (September 7) with the Kansas City Chiefs as the favorite to defend the title, ahead of the league’s “rich” teams such as the Dallas Cowboys or the New England Patriots player team.

Lessons from Kansas City clearly show that you can be a team with a low economic and financial profile but with athleticism Vince Lombardi TrophyThe opposite of what happens with teams on the cusp of value.

Last August, Sportico, a website specializing in sports economics, released the value of all NFL teams, with the “Lone Star” having the highest value.

According to the rankings, the Cowboys are worth $9.2 billion, up 20 percent from last year.

In recent years, only Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots They won the championship; both teams are in the top five most valuable.

Here Are the Top 10 NFL Team Values

According to Sportico’s annual rankings, these are the most valuable teams in the NFL.

  • Dallas Cowboys $9.2 billion
  • New York Giants $7 billion
  • Los Angeles Rams $6.9 billion
  • New England Patriots $6.7 billion
  • San Francisco 49ers $6.1 billion
  • New York Jets $6.1 billion
  • Commander Washington $6 billion
  • Chicago Bears $6 billion
  • Philadelphia Eagles $5.9 billion
  • Las Vegas Raiders $5.7 billion

The ranking takes into account equipment value, total associated business and profit.

Champion Kansas City Chiefs They rank 19th with $4.5 billion, while the runner-up Cincinnati Bengals two years ago finished last with $4 billion.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a championship team with Tom Brady three seasons ago, are now fifth at $4.1 billion.

Will the Dallas Cowboys’ losing streak end in 2023?

According to the NFL, in Mexico, There are 48 million American football fans. come from America.

According to statistics from the Primero y Diez website, the latest report in 2019 shows that the Dallas Cowboys are favored by 13% of Mexicans. They have not brought joy to Mexicans for 28 seasons.

In 1989, Jerry Jones bought the team for $150 million.While it has managed to increase the value of the franchise, that success doesn’t belong to a team that is itself worth $8.67 billion and has added $530 million in related business.

Since the last championship, Dallas has made the playoffs 12 times, the best of which came in the divisional round, and lost eight other seasons.

What are some other popular NFL teams in Mexico?

Most of Mexico’s teams with the most fans are in the same position as Vaqueiros. San Francisco 49ers They have a 12 percent preference, and despite being fifth most valuable team, they haven’t won a Super Bowl since winning the 1994 season.

Since then, the “gambinos” have lost twice on Super Sunday, and they’ve even lost five of the past decade.

The third team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have won two championships so far this century, followed by the New England Patriots, who are rebuilding after the end of the Tom Brady period, and the Green Bay Packers. The departure of Len Rodgers also started the reconstruction. An era of renewal.

Who will play in the 2024 Super Bowl?

On the sports front, the Kansas City Chiefs are once again the title favorites, just like they were last year. His strength is based on the strength of the quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, wing Travis Kelce and running back Isiah Pacheco.

Likewise, Philadelphia will seek revenge after losing the Super Bowl. He has versatile quarterback Jalen Hertz and a strong defense.

in the same tone buffalo billhis quarterback Josh Allen will eventually have to play with the qualities that have made him considered one of the best players in the league and has a bright future ahead of him.

Meanwhile, the NFL’s “poorest” team, the Cincinnati Bengals, is also surprisingly on the roster, with their duo of Joe Burrow and Joe ยท Joe Mixon.

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