Why Carolina Sandoval found wearing a mask exotic


Former host of Suelta La Sopa reflects on the new normal

Carolina Sandoval in an Instagram post was honest with her followers about the use of masks. The one who was the presenter of Suelta La Sopa until a few months ago found it strange and exotic to see someone wearing a mask in public.

“If someone had told me when 2020 began that we were going to live everything we have ‘lived’, I would never have believed it … in fact, for me to see someone with a mask before March 2020 was very exotic and even strange … and with those turns that life takes today, my [day’s outfits] could not be the same without my beautiful masks that are part of my existence and without them I can’t imagine the days ”.

La Venenosa ended its publication by alluding to the controversy over the use of masks. Although it has been difficult for many to adopt, the famous woman knows that it is good for everyone.

“And my people, although I understand that putting on the mask has been a process that has cost us to adapt, understand and understand that putting on the mask is a matter of empathy, social health, and respect.


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