Why did Beyonce and Jay-Z did not have standing to hear the national anthem of the united states in the Super Bowl


A rain of criticism has fallen on the with the american singer Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay-Z, who, together with her daughter, Blue Ivy, were just sitting down when the singer is Demi Lovato, sang the National Anthem of the United States on Sunday, during the final of the Super Bowl.

For many, it was a lack of respect and an insult to both the nation, and as for Lovato, for others it was a silent protest against the violence to which the police has on the african-american community in the United States.

According to people, the reason why you don’t put it up, it’s a way for you to show your support for the exmariscal the team, the 49ers, and San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick, who’s previous team, had to face the big event on against the kansas city Chiefs in Kansas City, missouri, at the Hard Rock, Home of the Miami, florida area.

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It was on the 216 and Colin Kaepernick on his knees during the course of the country’s National Anthem in their protest against the brutal aggression of the police against the african-american community. This fact will cost him his contract with the team in california, as of the end of the season, there was a low, and has not yet been hired for the job.

Colin Keapernick (On The Right). THE MEDIA/FILE/AP

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However, many of you have voiced support to the family of Games for Kaepernick, as a company, Roc Nation, the rapper Jay-Z has teamed up with the NFL to be their entertainment.

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There is mention of the Rihanna he said that they had a guest act during half-time, but that she declined the invitation, as a sign of protest. The former pop singer Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been in charge of the show.

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So far, neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z, spoke out about it.