Why did “La Mona” Jiménez need emergency surgery? How is her health going?

The iconic Córdoba artist remains under medical observation after undergoing emergency surgery last Tuesday.

There have been concerns over the health of “Ramona” Jimenez, who has had to undergo emergency surgery. Fortunately, the operation was successful and he is currently in hospital awaiting release.

The children of famous Córdoba singers Natalia, Lorena and Carly have been sharing the latest news of their father’s recovery through social networks. On their Instagram Stories, they even shared a video in which he can be seen doing some moves to the beat of the music.

Although not many details were revealed about the reason for the surgery, Loel Jimenez hinted in a message on social networks that what initially appeared to be acute gastritis turned out to be more complicated. Despite initial concerns, they reassured fans by reporting that the singer was doing well.

The surgery took everyone by surprise. Carly reported this, explaining that her father had experienced “severe abdominal pain due to an unfortunate physical movement”.

In her publication, Carly thanked Ramona followers for their affectionate messages and expressed her peace of mind for the Cordoba icon’s health.

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