Why Do They Accuse Justin Bieber of Plagiarism?

Justin Bieber

The singer’s new album has already become the center of controversy after the dance band “Justice” accused him of plagiarism

Justin Bieber released his new album Justice on Friday, which was created with the intention of “curing humanity,” in the singer’s words. However, despite the success he is having among his fans, his sixth studio material has already caused problems for the singer as the French dance duo  Justice, announced that they will take legal action.

In a statement released by the French group’s team in early March, it stated that Bieber plagiarized the project’s logo to transform it into the image of his next album. And it is that the design of the dance project created in 2008 is registered in his name in France and the European Union. According to  Rolling Stone,  the duo team sent a “cease or desist” to the singer asking him to stop using the word “Justice” with a cross in the letter “t”.


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“ The use that you are giving to the brand is illegal. You have not received permission from Justice to use it, “says the group in its statement. Bieber’s work is not affiliated with, endorsed, or publicized by Justice. This use of the brand is not only illegal, but it is also likely to create confusion for consumers, “they added.

In April 2020, Bieber’s team sent an email to Justice’s team asking to contact the designer of the group’s original logo. Although the French responded, they got no response. Now, the duo team assures that not only was Bieber’s team aware of the Justice logo, but they also intended to use the same artist to replicate the essence on the album.


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Now the duo is preparing to face legal action against the Canadian team, who denied that it was a violation.

This is not the first time that Bieber is accused of plagiarism, in 2014 the artist Devin Copeland accused the Canadian and Usher of having plagiarized the song “Somebody to Love”. At the time, a judge dismissed the lawsuit for  $ 10 million.


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