Why do they occur and how to prevent them?

red spots on the skin that may appear from sun exposure

Maybe you’ve noticed that you get red spots on the skin For no apparent reason. First of all: don’t panic.call ruby point They appear for a variety of reasons, from hormonal changes to normal skin aging. What do they tell us and how can we prevent them?

Red or ruby ​​spots on the skin also called Microangioma, cherry hemangioma, senile hemangioma, capillary hemangioma, or Campbell-De Morgan spot. First, we must clarify that they are benign. They can be described as dilations of small capillaries, similar to “varicose veins”, but perpendicular to the skin.

Why do red spots appear on the skin?

These red dots are More common in the trunk and upper extremities, Generally no more than 2mm.

  • They can be considered a manifestation natural aging of the skin, Therefore, it is more common in people over the age of 60.
  • Another common reason is sun. People with very fair skin who are exposed to the sun without or with insufficient protection have a higher risk of skin elastin degeneration and faster skin aging.

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  • Too much toxin This is another possible reason for ruby ​​points. If a large number of symptoms appear suddenly, although in principle they are not symptoms of any underlying disease, it is advisable to consult a doctor.
  • they can appear hormonal changes, Usually associated with pregnancy.
  • Although one factor to consider is genetics, as they arise from telangiectasia due to changes in blood vessels, which are usually Become a family heirloom.

Can Ruby Points Be Prevented?

There is no specific treatment for ruby ​​point. eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water Often helps because it slows down aging.

It is also recommended to cleanse the skin daily and use creams, especially Protect yourself from the sun with the proper factors When will we expose ourselves to the sun?

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